'NBA 2K21' Gives A Special Tribute To Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant

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NBA 2K21 is getting a major face-lift with the next generation of consoles. 2K21 is confirmed as a launch title for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and the developers have worked hard on improving the relatively dull experience on the current generation. One of the key ways 2K has done this is by expanding ‘The Neighbourhood’ into ‘The City‘.

The City is an all-new sandbox experience where players can roam around. While it follows the basic principles of the Neighbourhood, it is now on a much larger city map. There are four different sections of the map for four different affiliations. However, one can reckon that all four affiliations will be congregating on a special court.

2K21 released a ‘Legends Edition’ to honor the late Kobe Bryant. They have given him multiple tributes in the game, including a Damian Lillard song about him. However, the ultimate tribute has to be 2K designing a court in honor of the Mamba

NBA 2K21 heading into next generation

Screenshots like this have become available only after 2K allowed select streamers to play the game prior to the launch of the new consoles. Channels in the 2K community like Agent 00 have had long streams just showing the game on the new consoles, which has generated significant hype.

'NBA 2K21' Gives A Special Tribute To Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant

Kobe has been a central theme of 2K in this game. While there are also cover stars like Lillard and Zion Williamson, Kobe is obviously treated differently. Even the current-gen versions had a court for Kobe, while it wasn’t as extravagant as this one. The court is in the signature color combinations of purple, gold, and black. There is a massive mural of Kobe opening his arms towards an adulating crowd as well. For many, video games help maintain connections with certain players. The Kobe court certainly helps that.

Kobe was an enduring figure on most basketball fans today for his larger-than-life persona and scintillating play on the court. Losing him at the start of 2020 was hard, and it still feels odd almost 10 months after. However, gestures like this by 2K will always help the fans feel the presence of Kobe.

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