New Fortnite Leak Teases Star Wars May The 4th Celebration

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Fortnite could once again be welcoming visitors from a galaxy far, far away to Apollo Island as part of a new limited-time event.

Discovered by data miner SpringySway during their latest deep dive into the game’s back end files, assets pertaining to an unreleased skin based on George Lucas’ sci-fi universe are notably present, with May 4th specified as the likely day of release. It’s worth noting, of course, that the very same date is officially recognized by Disney and Lucasfilm as Star Wars Day, a worldwide celebration of the franchise oftentimes accompanied by a slew of big announcements for various projects.

As for what players of Epic’s battle royale can expect when the occasion rolls around once more, well, you can check out the teaser for yourself down below. While the silhouette shown appears to belong to that of a Stormtrooper, fans have noted the pose as being not quite right.


Fortnite Leak Teases Star Wars May The 4th Event

New Fortnite Leak Teases Star Wars May The 4th Celebration

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Indeed, prequel era Clone Troopers are a much better fit, though the armor and posture still aren’t perfect. That being the case, process of elimination has led many fans to conclude that the mysterious individual is actually a member of the infamous Bad Batch – an experimental unit of clones with genetically enhanced abilities. Coincidentally, the animated spinoff show featuring the team is scheduled to begin streaming next month, making a tie-in with other media the perfect marketing opportunity. I am a spanish website and app developer Website and App developer

Ultimately, Fortnite players will just have to wait and see what lies in store, but at the very least, a return of past Star Wars skins (Mando, Rey, Kylo Ren, etc.) will assuredly coincide with whatever Epic has planned. Stay tuned for further developments as they come in.

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