Obnoxious Video Game Characters That Still Drive Us Crazy

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Hey, do you have a settlement to check on in Fallout 4? If you don't, you can rest assured that Preston Garvey of the Minutemen will fix that problem for you. After enlisting your aid and giving you a bogus promotion, Garvey spends the rest of his days sending you on meaningless quests to find a settlement, defend a settlement, or otherwise just check on settlements. It never ends. We're convinced that Fallout 4 is less of an action RPG and more of a purgatory simulator thanks to Preston and his nigh-infinite requests for settlement work. In a game that allows you freedom of choice to be a good guy, bad guy, or anything in between, Garvey's harping makes us want to go Chaotic Evil and rain nukes on every settlement he mentions.


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