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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! was a relatively short-lived series that left a long legacy for the NES. The Punch-Out!! franchise began life as an arcade cabinet in 1983 created by Nintendo, followed by a sequel, Super Punch-Out!! The cabinets did well, and when Nintendo geared up to launch the NES, they also prepared to port Punch-Out!!

However, there were two significant differences between the arcade version and the NES port of Punch-Out!! First off, the NES had lower hardware capabilities than the arcade cabinets did, meaning Nintendo needed to minimize specific graphic effects for the home version, which resulted in the creation of the famed Little Mac player character. Second, Nintendo arranged an endorsement from Mike Tyson, an up-and-coming heavyweight boxer. Tyson signed a three-year contract with Nintendo, during which time he won the 1986 WBC heavyweight title.

After those three years were up, Nintendo continued selling Punch-Out!! without Mike Tyson's name. As a result, copies bearing Tyson's endorsement are highly sought after in the video game collectors community. When a highly graded copy of the game went up for auction, intense competition drove the game up to $50,400.

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