Overhyped Games That Were Just Really Bad

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Watch Dogs promised a vibrant, sprawling, Grand Theft Auto-esque take on the Windy City yet failed to deliver, which was all the more disappointing considering that its emphasis on hacking and technology was a unique deviation from most other open world titles of this caliber.

This game deserves credit for making use of standout mechanics that at least tried to do things differently than the way they're handled in Liberty City and Los Santos, but a lot of the fundamentals simply weren't that good—and the controls were simply atrocious. The vehicles all handle like tractor trailer-hovercraft hybrids, no matter what type of ride you're driving—which is a major problem, given how much driving you have to do. And as is too often the case with Ubisoft titles, Watch Dogs is filled with a ton of filler side missions comprised of doing the same things over and over again.

Remember how gorgeous Watch Dogs looked in its early E3 gameplay demos? The end product fell woefully short. This is yet another multi-console release that should've ditched the last-gen formats in order to push its graphics further, as the final product looked nowhere near as good as what we saw in the trailers and pre-release gameplay footage. While many Metacritic reviewers may have enjoyed Watch Dogs, the fans did not, as thousands of users have given the game an average score of 6.3/10 (based on the PlayStation 4 version). Based on the underwhelming graphics, poor controls, horrible driving, and auto-fail stealth sequences, it's safe to say that Watch Dogs should've been sent to obedience school.

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