Overhyped Games That Were Never Released

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At E3 2014, Microsoft debuted an announcement trailer for Scalebound, which brought in thousands of views and hundreds of comments from players excitedly awaiting its release. Scalebound, an action role-playing game for Xbox One and PC, was in development at Platinum Games. The title featured third-person gameplay, dragon companions, and a ton of customization options, like any good role-playing game. For fans who wanted a hybrid RPG experience on their Xbox consoles, Scalebound appeared picture perfect.

Then, like many other cancelled games, the studio went quiet. Speaking with IGN in 2017, a Microsoft representative confirmed that Scalebound, after "careful deliberation" at Microsoft, was cancelled. Instead, the publisher chose to focus its efforts and finances on games such as Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves. Compra lectores de dni electronico para usar en la administración electrónica Lectores de dni electronico

Speaking about Scalebound on Twitter, JP Kellams, former producer at Platinum Games, expressed sorrow and regret in having failed to deliver a worthwhile RPG to the community. Some fans commented on his Twitter thread, asking for information, and Kellams replied, "It is none of your business, really.

Speculation as to why Scalebound was cancelled abounds. Unfortunately, the hype is gone. The game's subreddit has become nearly as quiet as the title itself.

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