Overwatch Characters That Completely Changed Because Of Nerfs

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Overwatch's beta was a predictably turbulent time in the game's development. One character in particular underwent a change that completely altered the course of Overwatch history. Mercy actually received four buffs in the February 9, 2016 beta patch: Guardian Angel could now target the souls of dead allies, her activation time and cost on her Resurrect Ultimate were decreased, and Resurrect no longer locked Mercy's aim while it was active. All of this was done preemptively, however, because Blizzard felt the need to overcompensate for what remains one of the biggest nerfs in Overwatch: Mercy's Resurrect received a range decrease, down to 15 meters from its previous 40.

Mathematically speaking, the total area of Mercy's Resurrect had just been reduced to a mere 14% of what it used to be. Mercy now had to be close to fallen allies to Resurrect them, exposing her to potential danger as a squishy unit. Before the change, Mercy players could just wait out team fights at a safe distance and hit a big Resurrect without much worry.

This change would also push Mercy players to use her abilities much more tactically. Despite the massive change, more nerfs would eventually be needed before that philosophy became reality. At the very least, though, this patch changed Mercy into a viable support instead of a must-include in team compositions.

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