Peter Parker and Ben Reilly will fight for the identity of Spider-Man

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  Peter Parker and Ben Reilly will fight for the identity of Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man #93 will show the fight between both characters to become Spider-Man.

marvel comics is presenting a fight that will lead two characters to carry the mantle and legacy of spider-man. fans of Marvel have always been used to peter parker be the masked man hiding behind the costume of the Spiderman, but there have been several characters who have occupied that role. Even the dr octopus it was for a while spider-man in the comic series Superior Spider-Man or even the clone of peter parker, Ben Reilyhas also taken care to protect the city from New York.

The spiderverse has also contributed to all this by offering news and updates regarding the universe of spider-man regards. Now a sneak peek on The Amazing Spider-Man #93which will be the end of the era Beyondhas shown a fight to be waged between himself peter parker and his clone Ben Reily.

Peter Parker and Ben Reilly will fight for the identity of Spider-Man

What consequences will the battle between Peter Parker and Ben Reilly have for the future of Marvel?

Spider-Man Beyond It started with Peter Parker in the hospital as he was recovering from some serious battle injuries. Ben Reily was in charge of replacing Peter Parker in his absence, receiving the full support of Beyond Corporation. That is why Ben received a new Spider-Man suit, a new place to live and weapons to be Spider-Man. Rani Mukerji

Now the preview of Amazing Spider-Man #93 to be done by the writer Zeb Wells and artist Patrick Gleason shows that Peter Parker is now fully recovered from his injuries and wants to take his place as Spider-Man again. There are still no details to confirm how this battle will end and what Marvel has in store for Ben Reily in the nearest future.

It should be noted that the editor of the series, Zeb Wells, has advanced on numerous occasions that the time that Ben Reilly has been as Spider-Man could be more important than we think and that it will have consequences in the immensity of the Marvel universe. The comic Amazing Spider-Man #93 it’s available right now. You can see the preview below these lines:

Peter Parker and Ben Reilly will fight for the identity of Spider-Man

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