PlayStation's Darkest Days

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The PlayStation 3 originally released with the Sixaxis controller, a controller that sacrificed the DualShock's iconic rumble feature for a gyroscope. In an interview with GameDaily BIZ, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison said that Sony replaced the DualShock with the Sixaxis because he and his team considered controller rumble a "last generation feature."

However, legal issues may have also influenced this decision. In 2002, during the PlayStation 2's run on the market, the haptic feedback technology company Immersion filed a lawsuit against Sony over its rumble technology. It took five years for the two companies to settle the lawsuit, during which the PlayStation 3 came out. Sony and Immersion entered a business agreement over rumble technology once they concluded litigation in March 2007.

With a new partnership with Immersion allowing it to use rumble technology again, Sony introduced the DualShock 3 shortly after. It released the DualShock 3 in April 2008 to great anticipation. This new version of the DualShock combined the Sixaxis' motion-sensing technology with the classic rumble feature to give players the best of both worlds.

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