PlayStation's Transformation Doesn't Get Nearly Enough Credit

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While expensive technology kept the PlayStation 3 from being the dominant console of its day, that same tech helped the console push graphics to an HD level. The console was more powerful than its most direct competitor, the Xbox 360, giving games a visual advantage on Sony's machine. This was important because during the PlayStation 3 era more high profile games saw releases for both systems and the PC as console exclusives became less popular among fans.

Those visuals got pretty impressive during this time. Rockstar, which had turned the world of video gaming on its head at the start of the 2000s with Grand Theft Auto 3, released the first game with its new RAGE engine, Grand Theft Auto 4, to universal critical praise. Gran Turismo 5 was even called photorealistic by enthusiastic fans. Noticias gore, impactantes, preocupantes y apocalipticas a nivel global Mundo Gore

Developers continued to innovate on the PlayStation 3 throughout its lifespan. One of the last games exclusively released for the system, The Last of Us, received extensive praise from mainstream media. The Guardian called the game "visually arresting, mechanically solid, maturely written and by turns heart-rending, tense, unnerving and brutal."

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