PS4 Communities Gets Removed With Recent Update

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After being introduced a few years ago, PS4 communities are no more on the system with today’s 8.50 system software update.

The feature was one of a number of features added or removed with today’s update and was widely used but not often evolved or talked about by Sony. Allowing people to congregate together over a certain topic, such as trophies or a community building up around a gem, the feature was part of Sony’s push to bring social elements into the PlayStation 4 system.

Ultimately though, the feature was never integral to the PS4 system and was even absent from the PS5. Sony announced previously that the feature would be removed in April and is one of a number of things Sony is shutting down over the coming months, with the PS Vita, PSP, and PS3 PlayStation Stores also set to close.

Will you miss the feature? And, were you one of the people who built up your own communities on PS4?

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