PS5 Will Be Adding This Feature To The PS Store

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A much requested feature finally comes.

PS5 Logo

Tomorrow will see the official release of the PS5. If you got a pre-order, it seems as if there’s a good chance you’ll may get it in the mail, and good damn luck to those who are going to try and brave this thing on launch day. By and large, we’ve seen most of what there is to see with the system with one piece missing: the PS Store. We know they have integrated it into the system and it’s no longer an app, and now we know something that will probably make at least some pretty happy.

Push Square managed to get their hands on the machine, and they noted that the PS Store is pretty easy to navigate due to the new integration even if they didn’t seem to be huge fans of the new layout. They also say that the Store will now have Wishlist, a feature many have been wanting. That feature was on the webstore at one point, but was taken out for no specified reason. You’ll be able to wishlist any game or DLC that you want. You can even set it send you notifications about it over time as well. It’s unclear if this feature will come back to the webstore or be added to the PS4 store as well.

The PlayStation 5 launches in select regions on November 12th with a full scale worldwide release on November 19th. Sony also released a large scale FAQ on the system, that you can read about through here.

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