Radahn’s horse in Elden Ring is the reason why his meteor attack always strikes you down in Caelid

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  Radahn’s horse in Elden Ring is the reason why his meteor attack always strikes you down in Caelid

No, all the mysteries behind the Elden Ring have not yet been revealed. The work of Hidetaka Miyazaki has to answer many questions, although thanks to user research we know that there are characters like the one on the cover who would have had more prominence.

Now, Zullie the Witch, a regular dataminer of the saga, has shown how exactly Radahn’s meteor attack works. In one of the most complicated battles of the entire game, the character propels himself into the skies and falls without fail on us. The answer to his unerring aim is found in the horse he gallops on.

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And it is that by moving the camera we can see that the enemy propels itself 262 meters towards the stars to disappear for a few seconds and then fall furiously on us. To do this, at the same time that she rises, Radahn sends Leonard, his faithful steed, under the ground.

In a position that defies the laws of biology, the horse serves as a reference point for the fall, teleporting below us. Both are considered as a single NPC, but FromSoftware allows them to be divided in this way and therefore will always hit the villain when falling.

On the other hand, to promote the show, Radahn will always appear in the direction we are facing and thus not miss a moment of our final moments. Meanwhile, the Japanese studio has almost finished its next project, but that does not mean that they have completely forgotten about Elden Ring.

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