Ranking The Best Superpowers Of All Time

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  Ranking The Best Superpowers Of All Time

If you’ve ever seen a list of the most powerful superheroes that doesn’t list ol’ Charles Xavier near the top, well, somebody hasn’t been paying attention. Frankly, Professor X’s powers are so off the charts that many X-Men stories have to find excuses to have him poisoned, trapped, or put in a coma, to make sure that he doesn’t just go in, wipe the bad guy’s mind, and call it a day.

Now, being exposed to the thoughts and feelings of millions of people, on a daily basis, is eventually going to make you either a nutcase or a serene, wizardly sage. Thankfully for the Marvel Universe, Charles is (usually) portrayed as the latter … because if he wasn’t, the whole world might go south, real quick. As Screen Rant points out, Xavier’s powers allow him to do a lot more than simply read minds: he can learn other languages — even extraterrestrial or animal ones — in moments, cloak himself from the perception of others, “freeze time” by locking everyone around him in stasis, implant or remove memories from other people’s minds, and even transfer his consciousness into another body. 

While Xavier isn’t the only comic book telepath, he’s certainly the one who shows ’em all how it’s done. Based on his example, telepathy ranks as the number one superpower, and it’s hard to imagine anything topping it anytime soon.

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