Read This Before You Buy 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

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One of Animal Crossing's signature features is how its world progresses in real time. When it's night in the real world, it's night in Animal Crossing, too. When you open Animal Crossing on holidays like Halloween and Christmas Eve (which Animal Crossing calls Toy Day), your villagers will also be celebrating. The weather matches the real-life seasons, too. When it's cold outside your house, you'll see snow in your Animal Crossing village. When it's summer, sunlight lasts longer and mosquitoes are everywhere.

Of course, in the past, that was only true if you were in the Northern Hemisphere. If you played Animal Crossing in locales like Australia or South America, the seasons were switched. In the Southern Hemisphere, it's cold during June. It's warm in December. Older Animal Crossing games didn't account for this. If it was winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it was winter in town, irregardless of your real-world location.

That's a game-changing mistake, and southern players had to deal with it for decades. No longer. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can select which hemisphere you're in, and the game will adjust accordingly. Normally celebrate New Year's with a barbecue? Now, you can do so in Animal Crossing, too.

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