Read This Before You Buy The Sega Genesis Mini Console

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This may be the most obvious question of all: where can you go to snag a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini of your very own? Well, luckily for those of you who don't want to fight crowds in the fall, the console is actually available for preorder now at Best Buy, Amazon, and a few other major retailers. According to SlashGearthe system will "come with two replica three-button USB Genesis controllers, one HDMI cable, one USB to micro-USB power cable, and, for North American buyers, a power adapter," and, as mentioned before, it'll run you around $80.

That's not all, however. For an even more authentic Sega Genesis experience, a six-button version of the Mini's controller will actually be available in North American stores starting in late August, just a few weeks before the console hits shelves. This is especially exciting, given some of the games that are featured on the Mini. As noted by Nerdist, the Genesis' six-button controllers "were crucial for fighting games ... The six-button controller not only made it easier to do combos, but you were guaranteed to have the right attack ready without the risk of a clumsy toggle." Compra lectores de dni electronico para usar en la administración electrónica Lectores de dni electronico

It's exciting to see this option being made available. Perhaps now a whole new generation will know the pleasure of chaining together a flurry of kicks and fireballs in Street Fighter 2

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