'Red Dead Redemption 2' Theories That Left Our Jaws on the Floor

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Francis Sinclair is a mysterious, red-haired gentleman encountered at a cabin near Strawberry. Assuring Arthur he's "on the level," Francis offers to pay him if he locates some rock carvings and sends him the details. This initiates the mission Geology for Beginners.

Right away, you may notice some red flags. Francis looks and talks like he stepped out of The Great Gatsby. Further, he has a conspicuous birthmark below his right eye. 

Once you complete the mission, Francis invites you back to his cabin via letter. When you arrive, you'll discover a drawing on the wall, depicting the images from the murals. There are some familiar locations, including the pyramids and the Empire State building. The drawing also shows Francis entering and exiting portals.

A woman enters carrying a red-haired infant with a familiar birthmark around his right eye. The baby's name, she says, is Francis.

All signs point to time travel but there's seems to be more to Francis' story than that. Some fans believe he may be connected to the Epsilon Program in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Epsilon website shows a person with the same birthmark. The caption reads: "Possible descendant of Kraff." Also of note is their fifth tenet: "Everyone is related to everyone else, except people with red hair."

In other material, Epsilon paints red-heads as unsaveable liars. If Epsilon is aware of Francis' time travel, these verses may be about him, making him a sort of devil metaphor within the cult.

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