reserve Pokémon Scarlet and Purple cheaper

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  reserve Pokémon Scarlet and Purple cheaper

It’s a good time to reserve Pokémon Scarlet and Purple cheaper.

It hasn't come out yet and it already has a juicy discount: reserve Pokémon Scarlet and Purple cheaper 08/19/2022 13:15

In a couple of months, Pokémon fans will be able to enjoy a new adventure for a region inspired by Spain. Since its announcement, hundreds of memes have been made with the new pocket Monsters available. What is not a joke is the price that Pokémon Scarlet and Purple have on Amazon, discounted 22%. The game is not out yet, but you can pre-order it for only 46.90 euros. Considering the launch price of Nintendo games, it’s a good opportunity to save at least 13 euros.

During the last weeks nothing else is talked about. the pokedex of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It arouses a lot of curiosity, as well as the new creatures that we can capture. He is already one of the top selling games on Amazon and has not yet been released. This is due to 22% discount that you can enjoy before its official release. Without this discount, this delivery reaches 60 euros for Nintendo Switch, but you can save some money if you book it in advance.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is cheaper on Amazon: only 46.90 euros

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Lechonk seems to take its name from the word “lechón”, synonymous suckling pig (small pig that still suckles)

If you have to make space on the console, try the best memory cards for switch. So you can play Pokémon Scarlet and Purple without uninstalling anything. The new installment of Pokémon has generated much anticipation and its action takes place in an open world made up of urban areas and wider wilderness areas to hunt Pokémon like in Arceus.

The starter pokemon are Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly, the former being one of the most popular for fans. On the other hand, we must highlight the impressive legendary Koraidon and Miraidon They have a very curious design. And if you are new to Pokémon, we remind you that it is a RPG game with combat between Pokémon and where you can complete a Pokédex with all the species included.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple launches on November 18th on Nintendo Switch, but you can already reserve it. It also has a 22% discount, so it will only cost you 46.90 euros. With this discount, the buyer can save up to 13 euros total.

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