Resident Evil Doesn't Get More Iconic Than These Moments

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The first Resident Evil debuted on the PS One in 1996, kick-starting an entirely new genre of horror and action. Throughout its many sequels, prequels and spin-offs, not to mention remakes and ports, Resident Evil had its share of middling failures and overwhelming successes. However, the sheer number of awesome moments it’s provided have been worth the chaotic journey. Let’s take a look at 25 of the best moments from the entire franchise though be warned that spoilers abound for pretty much every game.

The First Zombie – Resident Evil (1998)

For many fans, it all started here. Even with its hilariously bad voice-acting and cheesy characters, the encounter with the very first zombie was perfect. Jill/Chris enters and sees a perp hunched over a corpse as chewing sounds can be heard. As it notices their presence, a decapitated, half-chewed head falls to the ground and it slowly turns around. It may not be the sharpest cutscene by today’s standards but the look in its eyes would herald the horror to come for decades.

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