Resident Evil Village Mods That Are Creepier Than The Game Itself

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 Resident Evil Village Mods That Are Creepier Than The Game Itself

Sometimes, enemies just don’t pack enough punch, and players are left trying to figure out what could make their foes more intimidating. Someone’s done that work for “Resident Evil Village” fans by giving everyone a sword.

JTeghius Kittius, or JTegh on Nexus Mods, crafted a mod that does exactly what it promises. “Swords for Daughters” allows Lady Dimitrescu’s dark, brooding children to carry swords, which somehow seems more menacing than the scythes developers originally gave them. The mod description claims that it will “replace the sickle for the daughters with the longswords used by the Lycans.” While scythes and sickles have agricultural uses in the real world, swords are just, well, swords. They’re weapons and weapons only, which make the longsword-wielding daughters all the more intimidating. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the Lycans to carry them.

In the original conception of “Resident Evil Village,” Lady Dimitrescu’s castle held over 100 daughters, all of whom were witches ready to attack Ethan Winters. Now, imagine 100 daughters with swords. Ethan might reconsider coming to this village, just like he may have regretted going after Mia at the Baker estate.

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