Resident Evil Village Vampire Avatar Available With Store Code

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A Free Resident Evil Village PSN avatar for the vampire lady we have seen in trailers is available with a PlayStation Store code, although it is exclusive to NA PSN accounts right now.

A user on ResetEra discovered the code after liking a tweet about next week’s Resident Evil Showcase and is currently only redeemable and usable on US PSN accounts. You can’t redeem it on a US PSN account and then use it on your EU account, unfortunately. If the code becomes available is other countries we will be sure to update this story.

The code is universal and can be used by everyone on the PlayStation Store and is as follows “LEJH-M8N9-E5XF”.


Next week’s Resident Evil Showcase will offer a brand new look at the upcoming horror game, including the first walkthrough of gameplay, likely explaining just who this mysterious vampire lady is. A closed beta test of a mystery Resident Evil title will also be taking place later this month on PS4. Here are all the details we have on it right now.

Resident Evil Village releases for PS5 in 2021.

Source – [ResetEra]

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