Sci-Fi Book Adaptations We Could See Next On The Big Screen

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  Sci-Fi Book Adaptations We Could See Next On The Big Screen

“To Your Scattered Bodies Go” is the first in the so-called “Riverworld” series by author Philip Jose Farmer. It focuses on the real-life adventurer Richard Francis Burton — the man who wrote “The One Thousand and One Nights” — who, after his death as an old man, wakes up along the banks of a river in a young, healthy body. Also along the banks of the river? No less than every human being who has ever lived, from Mark Twain and Hermann Goering to Eric the Red and Genghis Khan.

Over the course of the series, a motley crew from different times and places works together to reach the end of the river and discover the secret of who resurrected them and why. It’s a mix of adventure and science fiction, complete with action, mysteries, and shocking revelations about the future of mankind. It’s all set against the backdrop of the greatest sociology experiment ever, as people from all throughout history slowly build a civilization from scratch. If done right, “To Your Scattered Bodies Go” and its sequels could be a true epic, a combination of high fantasy, science fiction, and old-fashioned adventure. Think “Lost” meets “Game of Thrones” with a little “X-Files” for good measure. 

“Riverworld” was attempted twice as a low-budget television movie, but neither was very good, nor faithful to the book. We’re hoping a big-budget film could do it justice.

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