Scream-Worthy Monsters You'll See in 'Silent Hill' Series

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To understand what makes the Raw Shocks in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories creepy, you have to understand what makes the game itself scary. Just as the town of Silent Hill adapts to the characters' psyches in previous games, it changes based on your psychological profile in this one. Every time you perform certain actions or answer questions from Cheryl's therapist, the game changes the environment in Harry's world, including the Raw Shocks. In other words, the Raw Shocks represent your version of Silent Hill.

Over the course of a playthrough, the Raw Shocks take on traits associated with the player's psychological profile. These features include sexualized female traits, signs of disease, abstract forms, and holes in their flesh. They can develop features associated with different psychological profiles, resulting in a uniquely terrifying monster.

Raw Shocks are also one of the few immortal enemies in the franchise. Unlike many of the other games, you have no way to fight back in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, since the Raw Shocks are its only hostile monster. If you consider your shotgun your security blanket in survival horror games, you can't count on it this time around.

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