Secretlab Announces New Magnetic Gaming Desk

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Secretlab announced today that it’s adding a gaming desk to its line-up of products. The desk, called the Magnus, will feature a steel chassis and to allow for a unique ecosystem of magnetic accessories. The desk is designed to look good, promote ergonomics, and to add real functionality that benefits gamers rather than simply look good alongside your gaming setup.

The desk certainly looks nice. It features a thin, floating tabletop design. According to the lead designer, this is to allow the desk to sit at the perfect ergonomic height without interfering with its ease of use: no more armrest bumps trying to tuck your chair in. The desk comes in at a “perfectly calibrated” 735mm tall but also supports small adjustments of 20mm for fine-tuned adjustment.

Around the back, the Magnus includes an embedded RGB strip. What’s interesting is that this strip is made to project out and onto the rear rim of the desk which also doubles as the trench for the cable management tray. This tray opens to allow you to easily hide cables for a clear setup but has been engineered to remain flush with the rear of the desk so you can push it close against the wall without hindering its functionality.

The steel frame of the Magnus also allows Secretlab to design magnetic accessories to expand the functionality of the desk. Magnetic desk pads, Magpads, themed to match its most popular gaming chairs, will be available to create a matching theme. The team also showed off magnetic cable management guides, metal sleeves to hide power cords, and a headphone hanger that can mount to the front of the desk. We expect more accessories to be announced in the future.

Compared to traditional gaming desks which are little more than standard desks with minor modifications, the Magnus definitely seems to aim higher in both style and functionality. The company has not announced official pricing yet (this post will be updated as that becomes available) but the desk will be available for purchase through the official website.


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