See The Cast Of 'Dead Or Alive' Looks Like Today

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The brother of Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts was easily the largest name attached to the Dead or Alive film adaptation. With over 500 credits to his name, Roberts is easily one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood. This seems largely due to his willingness to work on any project, from prestige films like The Dark Knight to straight-to-video dreck like A Talking Cat?!

In DOA, Roberts plays Victor Donovan, the eccentric billionaire who hosts the Dead or Alive tournament on his private island. However, the tournament is all part of Donovan's Space Jam-esque ploy to analyze and steal the abilities of every fighter who comes to the tournament. Those abilities are then programmed into a pair of high-tech sunglasses that Donovan wears, which imbue him with unparalleled martial arts prowess. No, none of this was made up for this article. Yes, it's hilarious.

In 2010, Eric Roberts appeared on the VH1 reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, in which he attempted to kick his dependence on marijuana. Since the show, Roberts' wife has said she believes his appearance on Rehab and willingness to put his struggle out there for the world to see has led to more support from the Hollywood community, with better offers coming afterwards.

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