See The Earthworm Jim TV Series Trailer Revive A Classic Character

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  See The Earthworm Jim TV Series Trailer Revive A Classic Character

By Jason Collins

| 12 seconds ago

earthworm jim

The cult classic gaming hero from the 90s, Earthworm Jim of the same-name gaming series, is coming back to TV almost 25 years since the previous series ended its two-season run. The upcoming series will follow our titular hero and his new crew as they’re trying to find Earth – because that’s where the best dirt is, at least according to Jim. Software publisher Interplay Entertainment, the franchise’s current owner, is partnering with the Agency for the Performing Arts to create the show.

Earthworm Jim, a worm in a futuristic robot suit who fights evildoers, is readying for another television adventure, as reported by Variety. The series, which is currently in development, will also feature new characters that accompany Jim on his journey throughout the galaxy, visiting unique planets, each a home to a race of anthropomorphic animals. Earthworm Jim’s ultimate quest is to return to his true home among the stars – Earth – where there’s the best dirt for Jim to enjoy. You can see the teaser trailer for the upcoming series below:

Michel K. Parandi will helm the new animated series with Aaron Billet as the main producer and Passion Pictures studio in charge of animation, led by animation producer Marc Bodin-Joyeux. “I remember loving Earthworm Jim as a kid,” Parandi told Variety, “And there’s so much potential in this story universe: a galaxy full of animals battling for power.” In the follow-up tweet, Interplay Entertainment stated that the original creator of the game, Doug TenNapel, isn’t involved with the project, given how his participation was previously questioned after he made numerous racist and homophobic comments online. Calendario de lanzamiento de Sono Bisque Doll, fecha y hora de lanzamiento de los episodios 1-12, guía de visualización completa,

Earthworm Jim has already appeared in the same name series in 1995-1996, following Jim’s adventures in which the hero breaks the fourth wall quite frequently, often talking to the audience, much like Marvel’s Deadpool. Most episodes of the show revolved around numerous villains attempting to either reclaim Jim’s super suit or conquer the universe, while Jim’s only concerns revolve around finding a new power source for his suit and returning his neighbor’s eggbeater. The series generally received positive reviews from critics and the audience as one of Doug TenNapel’s best creations due to its ties with the 1994 video game.

The original Earthworm Jim was a run and gun platform game developed by now-defunct Shiny Entertainment, whose successor company, Double Helix Games, got absorbed by Amazon Game Studios, which has a fantastic monthly offering. The Earthworm Jim game follows the adventures of the titular hero, who comes in possession of a special “super suit” which allows him to operate much like a human, with his worm body acting as a head, and the suit acting as a body. The original title was released for the Sega Genesis, and the legendary SNES console, before being subsequently ported to a number of other video game consoles, including a high-definition remake for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, those remakes, still playable on modern systems, are now removed from digital storefronts, as their developer’s contract with Interplay Entertainment has ended.

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