Senseless Cheaters Who Definitely Deserved the Banhammer

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Though Epic Games has filed lawsuits against hackers in the past, this particular case from 2018 was little different. The cheater in question, referred to as C.R. rather than his full name (due to his status as a minor), was accused of using a cheat program in Fortnite Battle Royale and then posting videos of his exploits with links to where viewers could download the software for themselves.

When this video was taken down, C.R. proceeded to post a second YouTube video wherein he admitted to cheating and falsely claimed that his videos were protected under fair use laws. He furthermore gave his viewers the email of one of Epic's lawyers that had taken his video down (a huge no-no) and created another account from which he streamed himself using the same cheats, almost daring someone to call him on it.

Well, Epic definitely called him on it. The cheats infringe on Epic's property, so by posting them for his 8,000 followers, C.R. violated both YouTube's policies and Epic's, resulting in Epic filing a lawsuit. As The Verge puts it, "Being a minor can't stop you from getting sued for copyright infringement."

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