Shows To Watch If You Like Netflix’s Arcane

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  Shows To Watch If You Like Netflix’s Arcane

If Piltover reminded you of Paris, France, that’s no accident. Fortiche Production, the animation house behind Netflix’s “Arcane,” is based in the famous French capital, and the city had a huge influence on the show. Piltover, the so-called “City of Progress,” takes inspiration from Paris in numerous ways, some more subtle than others. There’s a scene in which Vi and Caitlyn parkour past a funicular like the one seen in the trendy Montmartre neighborhood, and it’s being held up by an iron structure akin to the Eiffel Tower.

Those familiar with the Paris cityscape will find the world of “Arcane” familiar, but Fortiche went further than mimicking monuments: there’s an art deco theme used throughout Piltover, while The Lanes have more of an art nouveau vibe, the style associated with Paris’ underground metro stations. If this aspect of “Arcane” was particularly pleasing to you, then it’s worth trying “The Case Study of Vanitas,” an anime set in 19th century Paris that mixes supernatural and steampunk elements.

It’s the story of a man who uses a tome called The Book of Vanitas to cure vampires of “malnomen,” the disease that makes them act like predators when their bloodlust takes hold. With the vampire Noé Archiviste as his companion, he sets out to heal as many vampires as possible and prove that cohabitation is possible. It ticks a lot of boxes for “Arcane” fans, both on a visual level and in terms of storytelling.

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