Skyrim Mods That Completely Change The Game

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 Skyrim Mods That Completely Change The Game

Some people are so talented, and imaginative, that they’re unwilling to leave “what if” scenarios as just that: hypothetical situations that are fun to talk about but never fully realized. The development team behind Enderal, one of Skyrim‘s most expansive conversion mods, weren’t satisfied with Bethesda’s rendition of the world and decided to build their own instead.

That’s right. The team literally built an entire world within Skyrim‘s engine, which is essentially the only thing left from the original game in this mod. The mod features between 30-100 hours of content, a brand new world map, new classes, enemies, and even a re-balanced combat system. It’s not set within The Elder Scrolls, but rather features its own lore and narrative.

This mod is also much harder than Skyrim. Enderal does away with fast travel, meaning players need to walk back and forth between cities and ruins, and makes it so players can only wait while in an inn or bed, stymieing the health regeneration players receive from it as well.

The end result is an experience completely unlike Skyrim. It’s an entirely different game, with fully voice-acted NPCs and beautifully done quests on top of it all. Enderal even adds gambling minigames to inns in what feels like the mod team just flexing their dev muscles to prove they could.