SLP and AXS Fees Gone, Binance Launches Bridge to Ronin

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  SLP and AXS Fees Gone, Binance Launches Bridge to Ronin

Binance’s active crypto traders will be able to transfer their AXS and SLP tokens directly to a wallet on the Ronin sidechain from September 4. This means that Axie Infinity players and investors no longer have to use bridge technology or spend money on unnecessary commissions. The popular cryptocurrency exchange announced the new feature on Thursday.

Before the integration, users had to first transfer their AXS and SLP to an Ethereum wallet, paying a fee to Binance. They then had to use the Ethereum-Ronin bridge, which once again led to outrageously high fees. However, the new situation allows traders transfer your assets directly to the Ronin sidechain. Furthermore, players can seamlessly transfer their assets from the gaming ecosystem to the Binance exchange.

Although it makes more sense to simply use the Binance and Ronin sidechains, the exchange stressed that it will continue to support the Ethereum and BSC versions of AXS and SLP. Traders can now transfer both tokens to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Ronin. Cosas importantes que debe saber sobre Mundo Casino en línea

SLP and AXS Fees Gone, Binance Launches a Ronin’s integration with Binance is no small thing and makes the Axie ecosystem Infinity much more accessible. This is the second step Sky Mavis has taken in a short time to improve the onboarding experience for new players. In May, they already launched the Ramp Network, a cash access ramp integrated into their portfolio of web browsers3.

In addition, the Vietnamese game studio will work so that users can directly purchase Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and AXS tokens through the cash upgrade solution. Lastly, it also plans allow the purchase of NFTs through the Ramp network.

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