Sonic’s Doctor Eggman Became the Awesome Darkseid

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  Sonic’s Doctor Eggman Became the Awesome Darkseid

A Sonic side story turned its main villain into DC’s greatest enemy.

Sonic's Doctor Eggman Became the Awesome Darkseid 08/06/2022 04:00

The now-defunct British comics publisher called Fleetway Publications brought in his publications different references to other different universes during the publication of Sonic between the decade of 1990 and the 2000. These crosses were very funny among the readers and showed that even the impossible was possible.

A Sonic Side Story Made Its Main Villain DC’s Greatest Enemy

Sonic crossed paths with dalek of Doctor Whohad Back to the Future-inspired time travel, but those moments aren’t even the most surreal. Fleetway Publications went crazy when he Doctor Eggman received the powers of one of the most powerful and important villains in the history of DC Comics: Darkseid. This curious story happened within a mini event that was published in two parts and was titled game-over during the comics Sonic the Comic #173-#174.


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It was here that the Doctor Eggman he got so fed up with the constant defeats he was suffering that he decided to destroy the home planet of Sonic, Mobius. The attempted planetary genocide of the Doctor Eggman allowed the Doctor Eggman access your own version of Anti-Life. The same famous concept created by the comic legend jack kirby which became the main objective of Darkseid inside of the DC Universe.

The life force energy of the planets was transferred to the same Eggman slowly destroying all organic life in its path and turned the villain from Sonic practically an immortal god. The Doctor Eggman planned to use this power to seed a new race of life that would serve the will of the eggman empire and treat them as if they were slaves. However, the lab partner of Eggmanthe Doctor Grimmerwas of vital importance in the consequences of these acts since it was in charge of informing both Sonic like Plax that he had no intention of forgiving anyone but himself.

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After checking that Grimmer I was telling the truth, Plax decided to go against him Doctor Eggman. However, the villain gained god-like abilities and was able to repel his attackers by firing two bolts of energy through his eyes that finished off all attacks. Plax of the planet as if of the very Superman it was treated These beams of energy were identical to those possessed by Darkseid both in function and appearance.

Sonic tried to avoid this curious version of the eyes of Darkseid only to realize that the vital force of the two planets that he had inside him Doctor Eggman had provided him with superhuman speed that surpassed even that of Sonic. However, he used all his efforts to sever his connection with the machines, but it was already too late. Eggman it already possessed enough power that it didn’t need a constant power source. He began to drain the life force of a new planet and he gained more strength thus becoming a virtually indestructible character.

Sonic's Doctor Eggman Became the Awesome Darkseid

While Mobius It was slowly turning into hell Sonic he tried to set in motion a desperate plan to prevent it from annihilating all life. While Sonic distracted Eggman with his characteristic taunts, shortfuse connected his cybernetic suit to the machines that drew the life force from Mobius and the Land. shortfuse he was able to reverse the flow of energy out of the villain’s body and bring it back to the two planets. The resulting power shift caused Eggman lost his divine abilities and Mobius and the Land back to normality as we know it.

Desperate, Eggman tried to reactivate the machine created by Plaxbut the device overloaded and sent the villain de-energized into another dimension known as the Dark zone. The attempt of Doctor Eggman for ending all life on a galactic scale was one of his darkest plots within the comic series starring the blue hedgehog Sonic published by Fleetway Publications. In addition, it is very funny to see how the prolific writer Lew Stringer used one of the most dangerous villains in DC Comics as a source of inspiration to convert the cartoonish Doctor Eggman into a truly terrifying threat capable of subduing the entire universe.

Sonic's Doctor Eggman Became the Awesome Darkseid

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