Sony Has Bad New For Fans Trying to Snag a PlayStation 5

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Exactly one week from now, the PlayStation 5 will launch in select countries on November 12. The next generation of gaming is about to kick off in spectacular fashion. The pre-orders for the console have already proven that Sony still exerts dominance in terms of console sales. Additionally, this year the demand for PS5 is so high that Sony has stopped taking orders in Japan already.

Sony isn’t taking any more orders for PlayStation 5 in Japan

In a statement on the official blog, Sony announced that the stock has already depleted in Japan and they will not be taking any further orders. Furthermore, they also announced that there will be no additional units available on launch day as well.

The release date of PlayStation®5, Thursday, November 12, is approaching. Due to the high interest and many orders from users, the release date is sold out by the reserved amount.  While there are still concerns about the spread of coronavirus infection, we do not plan to hold events or sell PS5 at stores on the day of PS5 release in order to ensure the safety of customers, retailers, and staff.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who wish to purchase PS5. For customers who purchased PS5 by advance reservation, please check the receiving method in advance and contact the store where you made the reservation for details.”

(The original article is in Japanese and is roughly translated by Google Translate).

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Ps5’s demand is already through the roof

This may not be the best news for the Japanese fans, but it does put a lot of things into perspective. Jim Ryan has already mentioned that PS5 pre-orders were substantially more than the PS4. While this may have been with regards to the United States, it is still great news for Sony. They predicted high demand for their consoles and they may even fail to meet that. Clearly, the PS5 is something the fans look forward to and the insane demand explains it.

The official blog also mentioned that Sony will open up reservations in the future to meet the demand. They need to ensure that all safety protocols are followed during the time of this global pandemic. Till then, the lucky ones who have pre-ordered the consoles can rejoice, while the others will have to wait.

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