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Protect The Planet

Protect The Planet is a fast paced action strategy game. How long will you survive?

Category:arcade arcade online game


Speed Billiards

Pot as many balls as you can in your limited time and pass each level ith a perfect score! Speed Billiards trains your skills and reactions and strikes with its 3D graphics.

Category:sports,arcade sports,arcade online game


Boss Level Shootout

Fire missiles, collect power ups and upgrade your skills to beat all bosses in this addicting retro action game!

Category:arcade arcade online game


Fancy Constructor

Your task in this colorful puzzle game is to fill out all white shapes with the blocks available.

Category:action,puzzle action,puzzle online game



Dive into a post-apocalyptic world and battle your way through many dangerous levels in this action packed zombie shooter!

Category:arcade arcade online game



Destroy all the glass bricks in this action-packed Breakout version! Bounce the ball off your paddle, collect awesome power-ups and be as fast as you can to earn a high score!

Category:skill,arcade skill,arcade online game


Aliens Attack

Aliens are invading the earth! Protect the planet, shoot as many intergalactic enemies as possible and beware of the mighty bosses. Can you unlock all heroes and save the world?

Category:action,skill action,skill online game


Indi Cannon

Famous adventurer Indi is out for a treasure hunt in this fun physics puzzle! Explore the island, shoot ragdoll clones from your powerful cannon and collect all golden coins!

Category:action,puzzle action,puzzle online game



Become a fearless pilot and show your flying skills in SWOOOP! Just jump in your biplane, collect gems, stars and wrenches and reach the highest score!

Category:action,skill action,skill online game


Jelly Bomb

Jellys will explode into little jelly drops which cause chain reactions when hitting other Jellys. Play strategically and cause huge chain reactions! Can you master all levels?

Category:skill,puzzle skill,puzzle online game


Farm Invaders

In this shoot 'em up game full of action you have to shoot all the ravens to protect your farm and get the high score!

Category:arcade arcade online game


Tiny Rifles

In this challenging strategy game you have to lead your troops to victory! Deploy the soldiers and plan your attacks carefully. Can you crush the enemy and win the war?

Category:action,puzzle action,puzzle online game


Basket & Ball

Test your skills in 50 action-packed levels! In this cool physics puzzle you are a basketball and have to find your darling hoop. Watch out for the robo police, fire traps and dangerous spikes. Use explosions, change into stone or inflate yourself to jump even higher. Try to earn all stars and become the king of basketball!

Category:sports,arcade,jump-and-run sports,arcade,jump-and-run online game


Sea Battleship

Guess the position of your rival's ships and destroy their fleet!

Category:action action online game


Blobs Plops

Explode blobs, cause chain reactions and score as many points as you can in this fun logic puzzle!

Category:puzzle puzzle online game



Turn the shapes and make only their counterpart hit them in this challenging reaction game!



Fitz Color

Train your reactions by tapping the color you can read within seconds.

Category:puzzle puzzle online game


Ale or Gold

Deliver the gold to the gnome, but avoid meeting him. You can empty the cart by pushing it, but be careful, the little leprechaun walk towards the next wall without stopping, so plan your steps carefully and find the best way. Will you manage to deliver all the gold without getting drunk?

Category:puzzle,action puzzle,action online game


Rainbow Star Pinball

Show your reaction skills in this funny and colorful action pinball game. Discover the secret bonus round, collect as many points as possible and get the highest score!

Category:arcade arcade online game


Gold Miner Tom

Use the claw to mine for gold, diamonds and other treasures and try to earn as much money as you can in this challening skill game!

Category:action,skill action,skill online game


Kiba & Kumba: Jungle Chaos

Help the cute monkeys Kiba & Kumba to to fight against the evil penguin Dr. Slip van Ice in this jump 'n' run game full of action.

Category:jump-and-run jump-and-run online game


Mini Race Rush

Mini Race Rush is an exciting action game, collect as many stars as you can, gather power ups to destroy your enemies and run the race for a new highscore

Category:cars,arcade cars,arcade online game


Running Jack

Running Jack is a cool action arcade game with the handsome hero Jeff Powers.

Category:jump-and-run jump-and-run online game


Bayou Island

Explore the mysterious Bayou Island in this charming old school point & click adventure game!

Category:puzzle,action puzzle,action online game


Drift Cup Racing

Join the ultimate drifting competition and race for the cup! Earn coins, buy upgrades and leave your opponents in the dust!

Category:racing,cars,sports,action racing,cars,sports,action online game


Grim Symbols

Strange creatures are invading Earth and only you can save the planet in this action-packed skill game! Draw symbols on the screen that match the symbols on the monsters' bodies to destroy them with your magic scepter.

Category:action,skill action,skill online game


Street Pursuit

Get in your super cool car, collect as much cash as you can and outrun the police in this fun skill racer! Make sure to meet the level goals to unlock new areas and keep an eye on the time. Use power-ups to defeat your pursuers and score even more points.

Category:cars,action,skill,racing cars,action,skill,racing online game


Chainy Chisai Medieval

Chainy Chisai Medieval is a fantastic chain reaction adventure! Let the tiny creatures explode, buy upgrades and become a true Chisai master!

Category:puzzle puzzle online game


Civilizations Wars Master Edition

Civilizations Wars Master Edition is a fast thinking strategy game and combines four different games in one. Choose your favorite race, battle through tons of levels and lead your people to victory!

Category:action,skill action,skill online game


Snow Smasher

Train your reaction skills with this winterly revival of the classic breakout game!

Category:breakout,arcade breakout,arcade online game


Vikings vs Monsters

Defend your Viking village against monsters and try to survive as many waves as you can in this challenging strategy game!

Category:action action online game


Quick Quiz

Train your reaction skills and test your knowledge by answering all questions as quick as you can with this challenging quiz game.

Category:quiz quiz online game


Pilot Heroes

Play as a pilot and fly exciting missions in this action-packed skill game!

Category:arcade arcade online game


Jewelish Blitz

Be fast as lightning and make combinations of same-colored jewels! Can you earn a high score in this action-packed Match3 game?

Category:match-3 match-3 online game


Crazy Freekick

Pick your favorite soccer team and get ready for some free kick action! Timing is crucial here: stop the bars at the right moment to score a goal. The bonus multiplier decreases over time and increases with every goal, so be as quick and precise as you can to earn extra points.

Category:sports,skill sports,skill online game


Zombie Massacre

Protect the innocent people in the Wild West and defeat the zombie hordes!

Category:action,skill action,skill online game


Indi Cannon - Players Pack

Fearless adventurer Indi is once again hunting for treasures in this sequel to the fun physics puzzle! Explore the mysterious island and shoot ragdoll clones from your powerful cannon to collect all golden coins!

Category:action,puzzle action,puzzle online game


Dragon: Fire & Fury

Play as a dragon and find the right strategy to defend your treasures against an evil king in this turn-based Match3 game!

Category:match-3,action match-3,action online game


Highway Rider Extreme

Dodge traffic, overtake vehicles closely and ride your motorbike as fast as you can in this thrilling racing game!

Category:racing,action,skill racing,action,skill online game



 online game


1001 Arabian Nights 5: Sinbad the Seaman

Return to ancient Arabia for another puzzling adventure. This time, Sinbad’s along for the ride...


1001 Arabian Nights 5: Sinbad the Seaman online game


2D Coin Boy (Demo 1.1)

Xbox 360 Gamepad Controls:Digital Pad: Move Left/RightA button: JumpA+A: Double JumpY button: ShootStart button: Main MenuBack button: ReloadKeyboard Controls:Left and Right Arrow Keys: Move left and rightUp: JumpUp+Up: Double JumpC: ShootM: Main MenuR: Reload


2D Coin Boy (Demo 1.1) online game


50 Dead Nights

Using mouse click on left side of screen to shoot leftclick on right side of screen to shoot right


50 Dead Nights online game


Ancient Ore

Step inside this treasure mine and find out how quickly you can match up all of these precious gems.


Ancient Ore online game


Android Escape

Left - Right keys - move SPACE bar - jumpHolding space bar longer will jump higher and longer


Android Escape online game


Astro Digger

Astrodigger is single-player HTML5 arcade game. Meet Astrodigger and give him aid in collecting gold and minerals. Astrodigger appears on the alien planet with a special purpose. There are lots of distractions on his route, forward him resonably while planting bombs, use teleport if you got stuck. Use arrow keys or swipes to take control of fearless Astrodigger.


Astro Digger online game


Avie Pocket: Birthday

Avie’s ready for the best birthday ever! Enter the bakery for that perfect birthday cake with juicy flavors and get Avie dressed up to be the centre of attention. Participate in various activities to celebrate Avie's birthday!


Avie Pocket: Birthday online game


Bad Fall

Move Left/Right using1. Keyboard Arrows2. Gamepad3. Touch the screen.


Bad Fall online game


Bad Ice Cream 2

This rude dude isn’t bad to the bone, he’s bad to the cone. Help him gobble up tons of tasty treats.


Bad Ice Cream 2 online game


Bad Ice Cream 3

Break blocks of ice, and eat the fruit to win! Bad Ice-Cream 3 lets you play as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry frozen treats. You will face hungry animals and monsters in 40 icy levels. Create your own icy barriers for protection!


Bad Ice Cream 3 online game



BADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest appears to be right out of a beautiful fairy tale, there’s something terribly wrong. The player controls one of the forest dwellers to find out what’s going on, and discovers an astonishing number of imaginative traps and obstacles on the way.


Badland online game


Between Circles

Tap the screen to start the game, the shape will increase it's size tap again to stop it i


Between Circles online game


Billy Skyscraper

Up : SpaceDash / Kick : Ctrl


Billy Skyscraper online game


Blast AD

ControlsLeft arrow = move leftRight Arrow = move right


Blast AD online game


Blast RPG

How far can you launch your knight in shining armour? Slay the bats along the way and reach your goal!


Blast RPG online game


Blitz Tactics

Can you seize each one of the enemies' bases without getting into a battle with their troops?


Blitz Tactics  online game


Blocky Warrior

Play Blocky Warrior, the brand new puzzle action game for every device. Defeat all the enemies and finish the game.


Blocky Warrior online game


Brave Bull

This bold bovine is trying to rescue his girlfriend and he could really use your help.


Brave Bull online game



click to touch to change color.Multiplayer for PC:Player 1: mouse or touchPlayer 2: Space to swap color, shift to skill


Breakfall online game



Tap or Left click = Place a block


Build online game


Burn The Zombies

Space to restartWASD and arrow keys to moveMouse to look aroundM1 normal attackM2 to special stuff


Burn The Zombies online game


Cactus Pinch

Match two or more blocks of the same colour in order to clear them from the grid. Don’t let it fill up!


Cactus Pinch online game


Candy Galaxy


Candy Galaxy online game


Candy Hero

This high-flying superhero loves candy but he’s got way too much of it. Help him get rid of it all in this exciting match-three game. If you don’t help him out, he’ll get crushed!


Candy Hero online game


Candy Rush 3D

Enjoy the ultimate sugar rush by dashing through this candy store. Just watch out for those barriers!


Candy Rush 3D online game


Carrot Quest

This bunny wants to plant some delicious carrots but he could use a little help.


Carrot Quest online game


Castle Kaboom

Making castles go kablooey isn’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it, right?


Castle Kaboom online game


Catch The Cheese


Catch The Cheese online game



Esquerda e Direita- MoverCima- PularC- Clonar


Clonificator online game



Things are movin' n' shakin' at this intergalactic diner. Grab a rocket pack and get to work...


Cosmolicious online game


Cowboy Zombie Hunter


Cowboy Zombie Hunter online game


Crazy Doctor


Crazy Doctor online game


Crusader Defense 2

Another wave of warriors is trying to attack your castle. Defend it at all costs, brave knight!


Crusader Defense 2 online game


Customized E-Card

There is no interaction, this is a simple "animation".


Customized E-Card online game


Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completely new adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action!


Cut The Rope: Time Travel online game



Press "Boost" to move faster.Space to jump / double jump.


CybeRide online game


Dandy - Cave Explorer

Tap Screen / Mouse click screen / Press space to jump. Collect all coins to progress.


Dandy - Cave Explorer online game


Day of the Cats: Episode 1

Can you find all of the differences in each of these places while this girl and her cat begin a fun adventure?


Day of the Cats: Episode 1 online game


Dirk Valentine


Dirk Valentine online game


Don"t Drop The White Ball 2

Press Left Arrow Key - Car Move LeftPress Right Arrow Key - Car Move Right


Don"t Drop The White Ball 2 online game


Dot vs Squares

Play with mouse or with finger (on Android devices). Collect red dots to increase score and black dots to kill enemies. Avoid the squares.


Dot vs Squares online game


Drop Wizard

It’s magic versus bunnies in this enchanted world. Which side will come out on top?


Drop Wizard online game


Dungeon Fighter-8 Bit Fighting

Swipe right or left with mouse arrow on screen to go right or left.Swipe screen up to jump.Swipe screen down to drop down floors.Tap on screen to kick.Tap on Screen while jumping to do flying kick.


Dungeon Fighter-8 Bit Fighting online game



Click anywhere to make the worm go up, don't click and it will go down.


EarthSausage online game


Epic Platformer

UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT = MoveSPACE = ShootDOWN = PickupC = Change weapon


Epic Platformer online game


Epic Snowman

Building a huge snowman isn’t easy but it’s tons of fun.


Epic Snowman online game


Exit Isol8

You’ve just found yourself on a quiet space station….a space station that’s a little too quiet. Figure out what secrets it holds before you head back to your ship in this retro action game.


Exit Isol8 online game


Exploration Lite: Mining

Destroy the blocks and work your way to treasure in this exploration game inspired by the world of Minecraft.


Exploration Lite: Mining online game


Fairy Cannon

Do you think you can pop all of the bubbles before time runs out? Don’t worry, these fairies will help you.


Fairy Cannon online game


Falling Bottle Challenge

- Tap to Flip- Don't touch on tables


Falling Bottle Challenge online game


falling skies

click on asteroids before they fall on earth


falling skies online game


Farmer Quest


Farmer Quest online game


Feed Me


Feed Me online game


Fidget - Quick & Dirty

Just click. Or press Space. Or Tap on mobile. Just don't die. At least try it!


Fidget - Quick & Dirty online game



This fishy wants a smartphone but he’s flat broke. Where can he make some extra dough?


FiFish online game


Final Ninja Zero

Takeshi is about to begin his first mission. Will he make it back alive? That all depends on you...


Final Ninja Zero online game



Link together all of these cute bugs as quickly as you can.


Fireflies online game


Flakboy Lab Escape

Flakboy is trapped in a lab! Avoid the explosive experiments and traps designed to prevent his freedom. Jump over high rising platforms and obstacles in the way of the innocent four-eyed alien. Try to run 30 meters to complete the action-packed assignments - you have three attempts to complete the Lab Escape mission now. Collect coins on your way out to buy shields, health, magnetism and more. Ready, steady? Run, Flakboy, Run!


Flakboy Lab Escape online game


Flamingo Surfers

Way to go flamingo! Test your skill in a balancing act combined with flapping fast reactions, plenty of action and off course speed and distance. Can you go the extra mile with this fun and feathery friend?


Flamingo Surfers online game


Flappy Ball

Flappy Ball is an HTML5 action game. The game is freely inspired to the popular game "Flappy Bird". The goal of the player is to tap the screen to let the ball survive as long as possible avoiding the poles.


Flappy Ball online game


Four Color

It’s a decorator’s nightmare! How do you solve these tricky color puzzles?


Four Color online game


Frizzle Fraz 5

Join the fuzzy-wuzzy creatures for another incredibly fun adventure.


Frizzle Fraz 5 online game


Frost Bite 2


Frost Bite 2 online game


Galaxian Match


Galaxian Match online game


Galaxy Domination

[Touch] Touch the screen to move between planets[Powerups] Use the powerups to take advantage


Galaxy Domination online game


Girls Dash


Girls Dash online game



Left click to jump. That's all. Good luck!


Glitch_Box online game



Choose a track and the number of players and win. Up to four players can join a game.


Go Go UFO online game



Go Po Go! Use your jumping stilts to jump from one platform to another while avoiding traps and the abyss beneath! Collect coins, new stilts and lives as you progress for endless jumping fun!


Gopogo online game


Hell Footy

Get ready for a soccer challenge that’s truly devilish. Defeat the monsters while you earn lots of points.


Hell Footy online game


Hex Get 10


Hex Get 10 online game


Hocus Froggus

Learn how to perform some awesome spells along with this wise witch.


Hocus Froggus online game




Huntigator online game


Infernal Mess

The zombie apocalypse is in full effect. Can you make it through this gigantic mess alive?


Infernal Mess online game


Jelly Quest

Put your puzzle skills to the test and help this inventor fill the world with lots and lots of candy.


Jelly Quest online game


Jet Attack!

Orng:← Move Left→ Move Right↓/Enter Grab' JetBlu:A Move LeftD Move RightG/S GrabSpace Jet


Jet Attack! online game


Jump Out The Box

The name says it all: ready to start bouncing?


Jump Out The Box online game


Jumpy Shark

Just Click the mouse on screen to make the Shark jump up and swim. Avoid the obstacles collect fire bubbles to shoot enemies. Enjoy.


Jumpy Shark online game


Kingdom Creator

Design a gorgeous kingdom that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale.


Kingdom Creator online game


Kitty Cat Power

This cool cat has super powers but he could still use a little help when it comes to fashion.


Kitty Cat Power online game





LavaNoid online game


Let Me Rock

It’s time to rock but sometimes rockin’ ain’t so easy. Can you figure out how to manage these crowds?


Let Me Rock online game


Little Kids Business


Little Kids Business online game


Loch Ness Water Skiing

Get ready for a retro ride on some pixelated water skis. Will you spot this legendary monster along the way?


Loch Ness Water Skiing online game


Lousy Bird

Just click on your mouse to fly...


Lousy Bird online game


Magic Stones 2

Do you have the magic touch? Play the sequel to the popular match 3 game, Magic Stones, now and find out. Tap on two or more matching colored stones and reach the target of each fun new level. Gain experience points by completing levels and unlock special powers for endless magic matching fun!


Magic Stones 2 online game


Magic Touch


Magic Touch online game


Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge

Gameplay:- Tap to jump- Don't touch on horizontal platform- Collect diamonds to unlock new characters


Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge online game


Match Bingo

The excitement never ends in this fabulous bingo hall. Grab your card and get ready to play.


Match Bingo online game


Meet Puppy

These puppies are totally in love. Can you help them meet up?


Meet Puppy online game


Missile Outbreak

Can you defend your country in this brand new action-packed arcade game, Missile Outbreak? Use your awesome quick reflexes to destroy those missiles and save your people from chaos!


Missile Outbreak online game


Monster Mirror

Can you find all of the monstrous differences in each of these pictures?


Monster Mirror online game


Monster Truck Shadowlands

Go offroad in this exciting sports racing game, Monster Truck Shadowlands! Upgrade your truck to become even better and stronger as you race to victory!


Monster Truck Shadowlands online game


My Kitty Play Day

This kitten is having a little trouble getting used to life down on the farm. Could you help him adjust?


My Kitty Play Day online game


Mystery Creature Dress Up

This magical critter really loves fashion. Can you help her create a whole new look?


Mystery Creature Dress Up online game


Mystic Mahjong Adventures

Play mahjong with a mystical twist! Match stones with the identical icons on open sides and unlock bonus tiles in each stage for endless matching fun!


Mystic Mahjong Adventures online game



Touch rotate the trapTouch rotate the trap


Neutrino online game


ninja dude

click on ninjas to destroy them


ninja dude online game


Ninja Kid vs Zombies

Arrow Keys to move arouns.Space Key to Slash with SwordT Key to throw shurikenY key to make ninja magic


Ninja Kid vs Zombies online game



This machine is set to explode but you can still stop it. Push the numbers in the correct order to prevent it from blowing up in this intense online game.


Numeric online game


Off the Rails


Off the Rails online game


Orange Slice

Made for touch screen but on PC just use the mouse to click and drag.Release to shoot.Aim again during flight for slow-mo aiming.


Orange Slice online game


Orbit Rocket

The first save can be bugged, so refresh website and this should help ;)Black screen? Switch off Adblock :PTap screen to "JUMP"Have fun!


Orbit Rocket online game


Park Cleaner mockup

keyboard:A : walk leftD : walk rightJ : shotK : jumpL : sculpture shildJ and A/D : 360° shootingEsc : quit game--controller (XBOX 360 optimised):D-Pad : walk left/rightX : shootA : jumpB : sculpture shildX and D-Pad (left/right) : 360° shootingstart : quit game--touch:...touch------------------------


Park Cleaner mockup online game


Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016

Choose from your favorite soccer teams from around the world to defend your goal in this thrilling sports game, Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016! Try and score a goal now!


Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016 online game


Picnic Rush

Can you clear away all of the yummy food on this picnic blanket?


Picnic Rush online game


Pinball of Oz

Hit the pitch on this machine for the maximum pinball fun! Unleash the rainbow magic in the land of Oz and take aim for some crazy cool adventures with Dorothy!


Pinball of Oz online game


Pirate Booty

A pirate ship was just spotted offshore! Can you blow up all of the buccaneers on board before they invade the island and steal all of its precious booty? The locals are depending on you in this action game.


Pirate Booty online game


Platform Jackson - Jumpy Jump

Tap On Screen or Mouse Click on Screen To Jump.


Platform Jackson - Jumpy Jump online game



Help Plunger dive into these challenging levels. Hang on to your hat. He'll be up against lots of enemies.


Plunger online game


Polar Fishing

He’s a one man (er, bear?) wrecking crew. Help this brave beast free all of the trapped fish from the ice.


Polar Fishing online game


Poultry ACE Downhill

Pick a driver, pick a track, and see how far down the hill you can get without crashing into any obstacles!


Poultry ACE Downhill online game


PPAP GAME Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pen Pineapple Apple PenPen Pineapple Apple Pen Pen Pineapple Apple Pen


PPAP GAME Pen Pineapple Apple Pen online game


Pregnant Henna Tattoo Belly


Pregnant Henna Tattoo Belly online game


Pretty Unicorn

This unicorn is looking for a very magical makeover. Could you help her choose a whole new look?


Pretty Unicorn online game


Puzzle Painter


Puzzle Painter online game



Just Click with your mouse on the screen to go down then bounce on clouds or turn around nuts.


R.U.Nuts online game


Real Soccer

Real Soccer is an amazing soccer game that you have ever played. Action from the first tap. Tap to tackle or dribble. Swipe to shoot to other players or at the goal. Choose between different teams with different skills and speed. Each round is 2 min.


Real Soccer online game


Recoil Zombie

To jumpshoot use the:Left and right arrowsorA and Dor Left and right mouse buttonsorTouch the screen on left and right sides


Recoil Zombie online game


Red Tie Runner

Move Left: Left Arrow / AMove Right: Right Arrow / DJump: Space Bar / Right Arrow / WWingsuit: Enter / TPause: Esc


Red Tie Runner online game


Retro Revolution: Crossroads

Crossroads runs on all platforms but due to the amount of action lower it will only be enjoyable on higher end mobile devices. Best if played on a desktop. It supports Keyboard and Touch controls. Facebook is optional is is used only for saving your scores with your friends.KEYBOARD: Cursor keys to move, 1 key to fire rocketsTOUCH: Directional pad to move, Rocket button to fire rockets.Mouse control is coming in next update.


Retro Revolution: Crossroads online game


Robin Hood: Give and Take


Robin Hood: Give and Take online game


Rugby Down Hero

This crazy game combines the thrills of football with the excitement of rugby. Can you become a gridiron hero?


Rugby Down Hero online game


Run Thief Run

It was made for mobile devices so it's possible that the controls on the keyboard aren't functionalsJump Clicking the top of the screenSlide Clicking the bottom of the screenShoot Clicking the right side of the screen


Run Thief Run online game


Salazar the Alchemist

This wise wizard is trying to create a powerful new artifact but he could really use your help.


Salazar the Alchemist online game


Salve as Raposas

MOUSE - Use o movimento de "estilingue" para mover a menininha:Clique, Segure, Puxe para o lado contrário ao do movimento que deseja e Solte.Ah, cada fase tem um número limitado de movimentos. *Não se esqueça: movimentos precisos são a chave para a vitória! ;-)


Salve as Raposas online game



Gameplay:- Tap to accelerate down- Don't touch on Saws!- Collect coins to unlock new characters


Saws! online game


Sea Bubble Pirates 2

Join a world of bursting bubble adventures on this pirate ship! Aim and shoot the same colored bubbles from your canon to make them pop! Earn extra golden coins as well earned rewards in this puzzle game in the style of Bubble Shooter. All aboard captain? Have some bubble popping pirate fun now.


Sea Bubble Pirates 2 online game


Sea Bubble Pirates 3

Pop some colored bubbles to keep this pirate ship afloat on the open seas in the 3rd sequel of the ever popular Sea bubble Pirates! Clear clusters of 3 or more bubbles from the screen as quickly as possible and earn bonus points for clearing lots of bubbles in one shot! Unlock achievements, boosts and combos and collect the gold coins but don't let the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen.


Sea Bubble Pirates 3 online game


Sepia Square

Controls include the arrow keys and space bar. It is your job to figure out the rest!


Sepia Square online game



This miner is about to dive into a topsy-turvy world. Help him piece together the broken amulet and escape!


Sideomorph online game


Silly Ways to Die 3

These crazy creatures have decided to work at a dangerous construction site. Can you help them stay safe and avoid getting killed by everything from drills to falling bricks in this action game?


Silly Ways to Die 3 online game


Skill Box

Touch - jumpTouch - jumpTouch - jump


Skill Box online game


Skywire 2


Skywire 2 online game




Skywire online game


Snake Survival

Move with WASD or with mouse. That's it!


Snake Survival online game


Sneaky Stanley

Stanley’s next mission? Stealing lots of precious gems from this well-guarded skyscraper.


Sneaky Stanley online game


Snow White Kiss

Only Prince Charming can wake up the princess but the dastardly witch won’t make it easy...


Snow White Kiss online game


Snowman From Russia

press Up arrow or left mouse button for jump


Snowman From Russia online game


So Sakura: Cute Princess

These three princesses know everything there is to know about fashion. Join them for a makeover.


So Sakura: Cute Princess online game


Space Boom

Rotate around the ring, employing a strategy to take out the on coming aliens as efficiently as possible.Mouse button "Left" or "z" switches ships rotation.Mouse button "Right" or "x" Speeds ship up.


Space Boom online game


Space Cord



Space Cord online game


Space Crusade

Up to go forwardDown to go backwardLeft to go leftRight to go rightSpace to pauseZ to shoot


Space Crusade online game


Space Shooter

Use arrow keys to move spaceshipMouse to shoot


Space Shooter online game



Touch the screen and the ball will follow your touch.


Spacefall online game


Spinach Rotolo: Sara’s Cooking Class

What’s Sara whipping up in her kitchen today? It’s a classic spinach dish that’s super yummy.


Spinach Rotolo: Sara’s Cooking Class online game


Springing Santa

Pause the game with the P key.Use any key or touch the screen to make Santa jump.Avoid the evil elf's and snowballs.Jump on the elf's and snowballs to remove them


Springing Santa online game



Arrows to move, jump and duckA to shoot bulletsS to shoot bombsSave game icon to save progressL to load gameEsc to pause


Spub online game



When pirates in steam tanks roam the lands, a mercenary commander must venture forth to save the day...


Steamlands online game


Sugar Link

Hit the beach and gather all the ingredients you’ll need to make some cool treats.


Sugar Link online game


Summer Sports: Boxing

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Grab your gloves and go for gold in this epic boxing simulation! Combine in a PvP tournament with other Qlympics games to become the ultimate champion!


Summer Sports: Boxing online game


Sun Charms


Sun Charms online game


Sun Charms

Sun Charms is here. Take a whirlwind tour across the magical land populated by cute wizzies and wake them from slumber! Complete all missions given by colorful characters - fill the star meter, collect jade crystals, destroy pesky goo - and prove yourself as a master wizard. Can you make it through all 30 levels of puzzling action?


Sun Charms online game


Super Run Pro

Just tap to jump!!Don't let the enemies hit you, get the coins and don't fallTIP: If you knock out an enemy you get to use an extra jump while you are in the air.SUPER POWERS:Shield: Protects you from enemies for a whileBurst Flame: Gets you into a big flame, you are invinsible and can double jump at any timeMagnet: All coin within the screen will go towards youSave Me Star!: When you fall or get hit use it to come back to action


Super Run Pro online game


Superhero Makeover


Superhero Makeover online game


Sushi Showdown


Sushi Showdown online game


Sweet Candies: the Second Story

This is a switcher game with a twist! Match the candy to remove the brown blocks.


Sweet Candies: the Second Story online game


Switch Dash

Gameplay:- Tap To Screen For Switch Color Dash- Don't touch other falling colors- Collect coins to unlock new Characters


Switch Dash online game


TankTrouble 2

Controls:Shift+F Toggle FullscreenShift+P PauseShift+C Console (Good luck finding the commands!)On PC, the player controls are shown before the game starts. On mobile, move the joystick to move your tank, and fire with the button. If you want to change the keyboard controls: Open the pause menu, (You can access this anywhere but the main menu) select controls, and click the button you want to change. Then, press the key you want to change it to.


TankTrouble 2 online game


Terror Strike

How to playTap on the Militant to make it bleed and destroy them The faster you hit them the more your chance of killing them


Terror Strike online game


Thanks... Chicken?!

Tap to flap!Hold to dive!!Catch cranbrees!!!Dodge, bounce or dive-squish pumpkeens!!!!Don't let a pumpkeen hit you on the noggin'!!!!!Catch funbrees for super party time!!!!!!Become a time-bending masterchickin!!!!!!!


Thanks... Chicken?! online game


The Zombie Trapâ„¢: Tapped Inâ„¢

[Tap] Destroy Zombie![Click] Destroy Zombie!(Mobile Friendly!)


The Zombie Trapâ„¢: Tapped Inâ„¢ online game


Thrill Rush 3

This girl’s fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks! Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.


Thrill Rush 3 online game


Tokyo Mew Mew

Ichigo and her friends want some totally awesome new outfits in this fun makeover and dressup game! Help them with some tips and styles with your fashionably forward eye for beauty!


Tokyo Mew Mew online game


Top Model Show Dress Up


Top Model Show Dress Up online game


Tower Takedown

You're one bad, bamboo-weilding panda...just don't bring the tower down on yourself!


Tower Takedown online game


Trollface Quest 13


Trollface Quest 13 online game


Trump Has Fallen

Donald Trump has seized the White House and he’s determined to keep his political opponents from giving him the boot. Help the controversial presidential candidate defend it in this action game.


Trump Has Fallen online game


Trump"s World

Use the mouse to control all the mini games


Trump"s World online game



One of American history’s most controversial presidential candidates is bouncing towards the White House. Can you help Donald Trump avoid his political opponents in this crazy action game?


Trumpoline online game


Valiant Knight

Valiant Knight is an awesome HTML5 game where you have to collect coins and avoid bad traps in your quest. Definitely this is a very cool action game.


Valiant Knight online game


Watermelon Cannon

This girl is about to enter a seed-spitting contest but she’s got to eat this slice of watermelon first.


Watermelon Cannon online game


Wings of Glory

Instructions are in the flight school.


Wings of Glory online game


Winter Top Model Dress Up

These lovely ladies are top models with a taste for fashion that will warm any cold day! Dress them up in the best outfits and styles to combat any weather blues this winter.


Winter Top Model Dress Up online game


Zombie Days 3D

How will you escape all of the zombies that are waiting to sink their teeth into you in this action game? Choose from perks like an awesome weapon or a head start before you begin running for your life.


Zombie Days 3D online game


Surfer Archers

Get on your surfboard, grab a bow and destroy the evil skeletons before they kill you!

Category:skill,action skill,action online game

Fly your little helicopter in this action-packed multiplayer IO game and try to conquer as much territory as possible!

Category:multiplayer,action,skill multiplayer,action,skill online game


Archery World Tour

Put your archery skills to the ultimate test in this challenging sports game!

Category:skill,sports,action skill,sports,action online game


Kumba Kool

Join Kumba in this endless sidecroller game and try to earn as many points as possible!

Category:action,arcade,skill action,arcade,skill online game


Bull Run

Run with angry bull ! Escape the Jungle in this free 3D action running game Bull Run! Control this angry bull run and escape from this dangerous jungle! Collect gold coins and unlock new bulls. Enjoy the adventurous run through the mysterious amazon jungle.


/goto-gd-a1b776b3daee4acfbba3488fa0bb1cff Action online game



fun for everyone and very entertaining


/goto-gd-3030061dd69e46c7938059fe4bea1eeb Action online game


Ninja Monster Killer

In this platform game called ninja monster killer, your job is to destroy all monsters and to pass all 5 levels to win the game. watch your self the monsters can hurt you, and you can loose your life. Watch out if you fall from platform the game will over and you need to start over again.


/goto-gd-03fbe46bd374404d934e973110e32717 Action online game


Stick Soldier

In this game, our soldier has to to build a path by just clicking and holding the screen. then we walk through the path to the other pole and this goes on continuously untill we die.


/goto-gd-7dc8460bd1e5472faeff8f8f5bea91a9 Action online game


Slenderman History WWII Faceless Horror

The Nazis have always made great villains and for good reason.
During the World War 2 they performed a series
of medical experiments on their soldiers,
trying to make a super soldier.

They even played with the Occult!
With powerful ancient artifact they
summon the devil himself.

His name is Slenderman!!!

Infiltrate the Nazi base,
find the secret bunker
and recover two briefcases
with documents about
their experiments.

Good Luck!


/goto-gd-b031fa484e514804bf56aff8b9b777e2 Action online game


Blocky Sharpshooter

Challenge your sniper skill in Blocky Sharpshooter! Wipe all the enemies out of your sight bee you get killed! A great sharpshooter never miss a single target!


/goto-gd-a536733b2e8e4771b3dfe74c1113d7ae Action online game


Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter – a super cool game in which you must kill all the zombies, direct hits of bullets, as well as the rebound! Share what you’re capable of and destroy all the zombies as fast as possible.


/goto-gd-26011873934f418c9ade7e0408a7d958 Action online game


T Rex Dino

T-Rex Dino is awesome endless runner game. Funny game with old-school styled graphic. Try to avoid different obstacles in increasing speed. Earn points and break your own limits! Jump over all obstacles and reach as far as possible! Enjoy the T-Rex Dino!


/goto-gd-7350521ff5f64c059740f094b9d40003 Action online game


President Party

An international conference is about to start. All the great presidents are present ... and a very special guest: a pink rabbit completely crazy! And that's also the way the meeting will end: completely crazy! The congress becomes a boxing ring. The presidents engage in a wrestling match! You must run over to the other presidents. The first ejected from the table will lose. The third world war is about to begin!


/goto-gd-918238e365cf455b985079e8a86611c2 Action online game


Don't touch them!

Don't touch them! is a retro-pixel art-indie game. Completely free and adictive.

Gameplay: you have to kill all the slimes that appear on the left and on the right side of the screen, because if you don't do that they will kill you. You have a bow and infinite arrows. When you kill a slime the score increases by 1. Also, when the character fell, he will bounce with the bubbles that there are on the floor, but be carefull, they bounce too!

I hope you like and enjoy the game!


/goto-gd-a28f142e9d2e46008eec9a0129c3868f Action online game


City Building

City Building is online strategy game. Design and build your city and enjoy this 3D building game. Build fantasy village of your dreams, gather resources, build houses, upgrade your building to get bigger rewards and to create a dream village. Raise you hero and destroy enemy towers and minions


/goto-gd-a73b5bf692734022aa9aebf3cd41f28b Action online game


Flappy Super Kitty

Flap your way through space, with Flappy Super Kitty! Play the ever famous game mechanic, with a superhero cat. How many obstacles can you clear?


- unlimited hours of gameplay
- 6 different powerups ( shrink, shield, slow-motion, fast-forward, bigger gaps, and more!)
- virtual goods to entice users to keep collecting


/goto-gd-8787678924dc4744a185b1e2d0eee4c6 Action online game


Piano Tile

Piano Tiles, the fun and very challenging reaction game. Become a true musican! Play Piano classical songs like a real piano master. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional Piano pianist? Now your dream can come true. Come to challenge magic music piano tiles and enjoy the piano music.


/goto-gd-387a418a8998453897b50ac32ed2f365 Arcade online game


Astronaut Warrior

It’s time to see what’s going on in space! Put on your space suit and get on your new spaceship. Look at the gorgeous sight… but don’t look to long! You also have to kill de monsters you encounter. Level up your spaceship and your space suite to become the master of the universe!


/goto-gd-c12eb705960940bf88493930f677ae08 Action online game


Shark Attack

Have you ever wondered what the life of a shark is like? Now you can live it. Swim around the ocean and hunt for your prey. Balance other aspects such as health, air and hunger. Avoid the jellyfish, bombs and fishing nets!


- Hunt other marine animals, including fish, octopus, starfish, crabs, and more
- Collect powerups for health, booster and energy
- Fun elements : attack boats, ships, divers and more
- Avoid the jelly fish, bombs and fishing nets


/goto-gd-d8ded851e62a4d63a6026374221f461a Action online game


Stickman Briefcase

Destructive missiles drop down from the sky out of nowhere. Use your dodging skill and magic briefcase to survive the doomsday. Choose various characters with dferent ability, and don't get to collect gold coins.


/goto-gd-584819ed37c64c1da316db990c982d12 Action online game


Drop Dunks

Slide your finger to guide the falling balls into the hoop. How many balls can you get?


/goto-gd-f7ffe81bb9b5472fb10f41d9fe88ae7d Action online game


Baby Hop

Baby Hop is an addictive game. Tap the screen, hop and hop again and again. Avoid all obstacles and have fun!


/goto-gd-d783eced847e400ca5adb6045af6c836 Action online game


Toy Car Racing

Toy Car Racing - Race your toy car through high speed traffic or cruise around town! You can unlock new cars such as a police car, helicopter, and even a tank! Enjoy the game and collect coins by jumping ramps and moving through obstacles collecting coins so you can unlock a new ride!


/goto-gd-c21e21d87521417fbb20c3beb7aef077 Action online game


Zombies Vs Halloween

Zombies are invading the wild west! Grab your guns and protect innocent people from those pesky lifeless folk. Upgrade your guns, equip yourself or hire some help. Don`t get killed! Outnumbered, but never outgunned!


/goto-gd-052a72a8f895445daa4692eaee333eda Action online game


Slime Hunter

Those slime aren't cute monsters to pet. Come to play, so many slime to slay. Gotta slay 'em all!


/goto-gd-9324856cc9a6456197c8bfba7587e2e7 Action online game


Swing Triangle

Swing Triangle is an action/racing game.


/goto-gd-0757454ca5194d2ea10d9352472ebcbf Action online game



Shards is a modern and revolutionary approach to the classic breakout / arkanoid game. Your target is to break all the bricks in as short time as possible. Each of the 80 levels has its own fractal background, uniquely arranged as well as arbitrary scaled and rotated glass bricks for you to destroy. Enjoy various power-ups and a great original soundtrack.


/goto-gd-bcc71660edef4def8d3d58e6a2cd2306 Action online game


Critical Combat Battle Royale

Critical Combat Battle Royale is an action fps game and provides real fast paced shooting game experince. We create case system open your cases and collect weapons. New weapons can make easily kill the terrorrists and destroy enemy base. Show your skills play with your friends. Join our discord server create your clan. Create your elite fighters team.
- New battlefield maps enviroment 20 maps
- Case & Weapon Skin System.
- Battle Royale Map Added.


/goto-gd-http:html5.gamedistribution.comf3e5a514201b4430bfafcf6454af2f7b Multiplayer online game


Kid Icarus

Help little Icarus to fly and dodge all the obstacles in his way!


/goto-gd-8794d12ea04a43cda15ac52f9c047bc9 Action online game


Target Tap

As the circle rotates, you aim to hit the target.


/goto-gd-90e4543e69c94640badc8a2e095a154b Action online game


Pixel Battle Royale

Be the sole survivor in a battle royale game.
Move carefully around the map collecting weapons as you go to fight other shooters.


/goto-gd-b798bda4908e4424b18af068e26eb5f0 Action online game


Conquer the Galaxy

Nothing goes right in space! The number of extraterrestrials is growing dramatically, and they are now starting to fight for every inch of territory. Their plan is to steal yours. Don't let them do it! Increase your population and try to invade enemy planets. Increase your power and try to conquer their territory!


/goto-gd-58c9881a56d440d7a21f981cf4f0fc34 Action online game


Streets Of Anarchy: Fists Of War

There is too much crime in the streets. It's your duty as a hero to stop them!
Clean up the streets and stop the villains.

Good Luck Crime Fighter.


/goto-gd-8e578286344d495d9b1af0547a5f5ed7 Action online game


Blocky Car Racing

Blocky Car Racing is epic fast city racing game! Be a daredevil driver making his way through crowded street in this voxel graphics, fun and crazy endless racing game. Jump into muscle car and hit the road! Drive as fast as you can and avoid crashes in race mode. Enjoy traffic racing simulator in 3D! Drive ahead and beat your racing rivals in Blocky Car Racing challenge!


/goto-gd-5ce5005341a949009604df878e2eebf0 Action online game


Minecaves 2

Avoid amazing obstacles while you master the tricky tracks, perform insane stunts and wheelies or relax while riding the chopper through spectacular landscapes.Collect pieces and buy new bikes to reach more speed and better stunts


/goto-gd-c84819fabd2e436cb43708c73c15c110 Action online game


Parking Fury 3

Park your car in Parking Fury 3. Place the vehicle on an empty parking spot without hitting other cars or obstacles. Make sure not to damage the cars.


/goto-gd-67f5943d779b41b2bc6a67ce132b7c68 Action online game


Formula Racing

Formula Racing is the amazing 3D car racing game. Enjoy fun driving, great graphics and incredible racetracks! Perform incredible stunts and drift & race on endless tracks! Game includes 3 game mode. Play the best formula game!


/goto-gd-2610cd44992a4fe78281db118a1274e3 Action online game


War Simulator

War Simulator is a strategy game in which you simulate battles. You can spawn different types of units and watch as the battle occurs.


/goto-gd-e23b359309af426abed23ad700084e1d Action online game


Tank Defender

Tank defender – this is a game about the defense of their territories from enemy invaders, in this beautiful game you control a super tank, the main task is to defend your territory as long as possible from enemy planes and bombs as well as collect the boxes of supplies that reset, your military cargo planes. Hold out as long as possible and show that you’re a real tankman!


/goto-gd-95106b78812c410d8d254f09ef040b09 Action online game


Rookie Bowman

Adventure type of platformer game with boss fights, collectible items, secret rooms and much more. It is about a man trying to find a bow in a cave.


/goto-gd-03ea76ffb4294a0391077e374903bf22 Action online game


Ball Drop

Drop Ball is an exciting fast-paced physics platformer. The objective of the game is to grab as many targets as you can on your way down to the bottom of the well. To do this successfully, you must learn to control yourself and use the unpredictable room layouts to your advantage. Good luck!


/goto-gd-b79a90a5708142d4a6677a25b2f78354 Action online game


Valiant Knight

Valiant Knight is a platform adventure that puts you in the shoes of brave knight that tries to prove worthy to marry the beautiful princess of the realm.


/goto-gd-424d3c0a1cf944dd9d7bb81ac4df9bdd Action online game


Leave Me Alone

The title says it right. Play as a guru, and fend of incoming zombies from all directions. How long can you last? It gets increasingly difficult in the later stages!

Use the swipe method (mobile) and keyboard arrows (desktop).


- unlimited gameplay
- unlock cool characters by scoring more points
- play as different characters : Ninja, Mr. Lee, Ironbot, Samurai and more!
- If you enjoy Bruce Lee and Street Fighter, this game will be a good fit for you.


/goto-gd-6c6b48a30e8c43b583df4e000920fe61 Action online game


Big Big Baller

Big Big Baller - The ball crushed a car accidentally, however, the ball seems to get bigger! Get bigger and crush as many buildings you can while rolling down the ball! Roll over the amazing city and crash everything in your sight with Big Baller!


/goto-gd-83c45857662c4ffc8ec3e015c14a46c5 Action online game


Biker Street

Ride your bike as far as you can, and don't forget about the fuel: collect fuel bonuses to fill up your fuel tank. Upgrade your bike after each ride to perform even better. You will need the coins that you can find on the streets to buy upgrades.


/goto-gd-5069b42f6f0542e7bf7386a1ac710500 Action online game


Gladiators io

Gladiators IO
Gladiators IO is action game, it's funny and exciting
How to play:
- Control your character and fight with other characters with your weapon.


/goto-gd-db4e77d66037492db0e1a91afdadcf58 .IO online game


Zombie Survival

Escape the Dead Walking and kill some zombies on your way! Select weapons and shoot 4 Types of Zombies! The Dead Walking zombies are coming. The world has ended. Now the dead walk the earth and you are the last survivor on your group. It’s not going to be long before you will too die and turn but until then do your best to survive!


/goto-gd-328ff9c0e92a4c7c85bf72beb29a1d6f Action online game


Office Fight

It's time to de-stress and have fun at the office. Throw stuff at your colleagues. Hit them before they hit you.


- Unlimited gameplay
- Earn coins for each successful hit
- A shop to unlock more items
- 6 types of items to throw around (paper balls, pencils, erasers, books and yes, 23-inch monitors too)
- Bonus for hitting the cute mouse that scrambles around, every now and then


/goto-gd-36e937d9cfdf43d6ba43d85796c1a6fc Action online game


Street Fight

Play as a young dashing hero. Fight enemy thugs on the street.

Throw your combinations and knock them out! Beat your opponents with your martial combat skills.

Collect coins from your wins, use them to purchase cool powerups.


- 10 different enemy characters. Each character has a unique skillset and AI
- 5 different attack combinations
- 3 different maps: Sunset Avenue, Frozen Overpass and Mean Street
- A shop to purchase power ups


/goto-gd-2f7f17b8e80c49f5b7de3d720c7d0bbb Action online game


At the end zombies win

It’s time to lock and load and grab everything you can use as a weapon. Confront masses of disgustingly absurd zombies in a post-apocalyptic universe with “At the End, Zombies Win.” Put your reflexes to the test, as well as your speed and your management ability, and prove to the world that you will not let yourself get eaten!


/goto-gd-53194403018f49a7a2602b53f2e499df Action online game



wrestling fight the incoming enemies


/goto-gd-93b5c2a8c07846bd839f0a9e25ebf078 Action online game


Christmas Catcher

Xmas Catcher is a HTML5 Arcade Game. The roof of Santa's house went down! Help him picking up as many gift packs as possible! But be careful to not take the pieces of roof!


/goto-gd-608648479239465fa2e9d170347e778f Action online game


Hand Toss

Hand Toss is casual game, just tap for play, funny and exciting


/goto-gd-0855113f6d68405eb07469930027e7ac Action online game


Masked Forces 3

Welcome to Masked Forces 3, the ultimate FPS simulation! This is a game where you can test and improve your shooting capabilities against multiple game modes.

Fast-paced 3D first-person shooter
game modes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, battle royale, and DOOM
Option to add bots in the room
3 highly detailed large maps
Power-ups: regeneration, damage, unlimited dash, and shield
A level system to access 11 weapons along with their skins
Armor and mask customization


/goto-gd-6961a8f920b24885a695526d215ea171 Action online game


Masked Forces Unlimited

Masked Forces Unlimited is another great title from the masked forces first person shooter series. In this episode you can take part in both singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.
Features: 9 maps; 3 game modes; double speed, double jump, double armor; weapons and armor shop;


/goto-gd-4012bb6c318c4aee8a5cdeba01ae249a Action online game


Masked Forces Zombie Survival

In this game, your primary concern is to get the best weapons and kill the enemies that come in waves. The challenge here is that most zombies tend to be very challenging to deal with, and their level of power does increase with each wave. So, you do have to acquire the best weapons and armor if you really want to eliminate all these enemies in a great and stellar manner.

• Get your weapons and armor from the shop
• Multiplayer PVP and COOP
• Immersive gameplay


/goto-gd-85c8904eb9654a098d51a68e8996473e Action online game


Masked Forces

Masked Forces is an action-packed game where your main purpose is to eliminate your enemies using any means necessary. You have a great singleplayer campaign and multiple online game modes that you can use to show your might.


/goto-gd-b9470c6050344e3da132533e877ebf8c Action online game


Superhero Fight

Superhero Fight is amazing combat fighting simulator as MORTAL KOMBAT! Select from 4 superhero charactes and Immerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of mixed martial arts action in Champion Superheroes Fight! Start to fight right now!


/goto-gd-677f50aa38a4404f99dce4dceaf5cd6a Action online game


Angry Pigs

Shoot angry birds on targets! Demolish all pig buildings and destroy them. Try to win three stars eliminating all pigs at once and complete all 15 levels!


/goto-gd-7d8990a412da4d7e9a15ae038eb553ef Action online game


Crazy Archer

Crazy Archer is a fun skill game with 22 levels. To complete each level, you must pop all of the balloons.


/goto-gd-41f264a2ce2f471888f1184a7a19421a Action online game


Sky Dancer

How far can you run, Hero? Jump across hazardous cliffs, flying islands, large boulders. Run as far as you can but watch out for the drop! Join on this greatest sky adventure of Sky Dancer


/goto-gd-60983d03c18a4cac8c3509937ec7fae7 Action online game


Dot Snap Battle

Tap, hold and shoot the dot into the box. Collect stars and unlock new dots.


/goto-gd-1707a27a0202400ca2333bd509bc399c Action online game


Air Fight

One of the best war games and get ready for combat on your PC or on your Mobile! Enter the cockpit of your warplane and get ready to take off: your mission is about to begin. Take to the skies and fight in epic air battles of World War II! How many enemies can you shoot down?


/goto-gd-aee79786f49a4b86b6da2e37935d5096 Action online game


Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Fighting! Welcome in addictive street fighting kung fu game! Kill enemies, grab weapons and win shadow fight! Show your Karate ninja skills and discover a world full of action! Enjoy infinity super heroes fighting and karate boxing game!


/goto-gd-e4034a9ea6194235b0d7a728ed1fd2fb Action online game


Stick Tank Wars

Get ready for the fastest tank combat of the world. Choose a weapon from a simple missile to an atomic bomb, shoot with the right angle and hear an amazing clash of blitz while destroy your opponents in the war world. Make the right shot quickly, win the battle or die! Collect coin and upgrade the tank and buy new weapons in shop


/goto-gd-c3df81debdff4ba3b81ea82f55bb4232 Action online game


Hitman Rush

You're a hitman on a mission. Your only friends is your guns. Forget about being a spy, run your way through rooftop full of challenging enemies. Unlocks tons of hitman to play.


/goto-gd-00a5b60ba2cc480e8d4f5b18353be36c Action online game


Speed Pinball

Do you enjoy pinball? Introducing Speed Pinball, where the goal is to collect the gems before the time runs out.

Control the flippers to knock the pinball towards the gems.

Collect special powerups such as the magnet bar and sure-shots.


- Use gems to upgrade your attributes
- Randomly generated gems and obstacles
- Endless gameplay. Play for hours at a time


/goto-gd-782d285ae87c4d51bf4720a71184b9e0 Action online game


Galactic Safari

This is a simple game. You only need one finger to play and you need to.... kill em all !!

I've been working for a while on this game and I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it. My kids are crazy about it but wait a sec... they would say or do anything to spend more time on their Ipad... Well, anyway, I need this game to be played and some feedback would help on creating Galactic Safari 2... The return.

I've created everything including music, sound and art! Yeah, you can label this 100% DIY.


/goto-gd-774bab275d284edf92ab460376d763f8 Action online game


Archer vs Archer

Archer vs Archer is fun arcade shooting bow & archery game. Put your aiming and shooting skills to the test, and eliminate all your enemies before they shoot you down.


/goto-gd-f7efd634484e45f0b42d872918ebee07 Action online game


Zombie Survival

A strange virus outbreak turned your friends into zombies. Armed with a basic pistol, make your way through hordes of zombies.

How many days can you survive, before you become one of them?


- 3D like isometric graphics
- Multiple weapons to purchase. Try the machine gun, shotgun, rifle and laser gun
- 3 different gameplay modes: Survival, Hard Point and Nuke


/goto-gd-15abb01edf694c9b86fbf5f1ee5a5a4b Action online game


Vex 4

VEX 4 takes Vex to the next level! This fast paced stickman game puts your skills to the test. Run, jump, slide, swim and avoid obstacles, VEX 4 has it all. Complete 9 acts, 9 hard modes, Vexation and the Challenge Room!


/goto-gd-80e6a5ae477f4d4fbcd1ea293d10087d Action online game


Archery Training

Test your skill and play in one of the most competitive archery games. Compete in all fields and discover their secrets. Become an ace of archery and dominate the rankings!


/goto-gd-9451100e7f414ad294945a01d21314d3 Action online game


Tomolo Bike

Roll All The Way To Goal! It's As Simple As That...Or Is It?


/goto-gd-5111fc2086f4442abbe1a43bcfd5df5f Action online game


Flip The Bottle

How many times can you flip the bottle?

Earn coins for each flip, and use them to unlock cool looking bottles! Play with soft drink, grape fruit soda, water, milk, ketchup and juice bottles!

Spend hours trying to get the highest score.


- Simple, swipe-based controls
- Linear difficulty. As you land more bottles, it gets more challenging. There will be distractions such as birds


/goto-gd-143f76c397d745c281aa2ebf836f0a9c Arcade online game


Mad Combat Marines

Are you ready to eliminate hordes of enemies and have fun as you compete against people from all over the world? Mad Combat Marines is here for you and it delivers all of that in an incredibly action-packed challenge!

* Multiple weapons to choose from
* Immersive gameplay
* You can drive sport cars
* Multiple large city levels
* Action packed multiplayer events


/goto-gd-36ce48ceb9934920b8f58ab97c29eaa7 Action online game


Car Chase

Crazy Chase is the top down driving game in which you are in control of a speedy car on the run. Collect coins and buy new cars.
AD or left/right arrow to steer;
Esc to pause;


/goto-gd-b766ddfe07094d5e8fe91df801303fe1 Action online game


Soldier Legend

This game is the greatest action game, is combination of fighting games and shooting games. Like other fighting games, you will be brought to the awesome adventure world, have to face against many aliens, monsters and mighty opponents but more than that, you have an opportunity to show off your shooting skill as to be in shooting games.


/goto-gd-c99cab53c92a47f8acf461b967dfedc9 Action online game


Hostage Rescue

In this classic first person shooter, you're an agent tasked with rescuing hostages. Use your fast reflexes and wits to defeat the bad guys.

Don't forget to reload when your gun is empty!


- fast, crisp action first person shooter
- fight your way through all kinds of enemies and thugs
- gunfights in 5 different locations


/goto-gd-33fd9dfe443b47c0a96e18d308e95dfc Action online game


Fruit Cut

Fruit Cut is a classic fruit ninja game. You can use the mouse to cut fruit, the more fruit you cut, the higher the score. Play this game, become a famous fruit ninja!


/goto-gd-2ee1943e631042a3935241e4364e59d4 Action online game


Streets Rage Fight

Classic free arcade fighting game. Play and rediscover this ground-breaking beat-‘em up. You will need to be very fast and a real Kung Fu Master to kill all ennemies coming from both side of the screen. Let the battle begin! Much fun!


/goto-gd-5c20438d81b74abba4d7412b9ae987e7 Action online game


Tank Game Online

Do you like tank games? Tank Game Online is a realistic and exciting multiplayer game. Protect your region and achieve victory.Are you ready for a great war, soldier? Do you like tank games, too? Great, start playing Super Tank Game and enter the world of tanks now for free! Play tank game now!


/goto-gd-4b4e4681936b4466bc80a0bbbd643494 Action online game


KOGAMA Reach The Flag

On your mark, get set, go go !!
Set your perfect time by reaching the Flag..


/goto-gd-c97a575d05b44b34ba7b1ca46b7aa78b Action online game


Build Craft

Build Craft is crafting game in minecraft world. Use your creativity to rearrange the minecraft world. You can build anything like houses, buildings, trees, artifacts, bridges and many more. Have fun with Mini Craft


/goto-gd-1dba01e26d5c4a55a4a2a45b9d08e374 Action online game


Dark Ninja

Dark Ninja, is a hero who needs to cross the village of rocks and eliminate the red ninjas, who are his most feared enemies! Run, jump, use the parachute, enable invisibility, slide down the floor (dash), shoot shurikens and use special to kill your enemies and cross the village as fast as possible! Collect as many ninjas coins as you can to score points and also the energy potions to increase the energy bar.


/goto-gd-512d376934fd4de59a82aa6057e268c6 Action online game


Empire Tower Defense

Control your archers to protect Castle from monsters


/goto-gd-e55746dbb3354072a4d0e57fa07a128a Action online game


Halloween Target

As the circle rotates, you aim to hit the target.


/goto-gd-bfdc3206d18a41319633476843c638dc Action online game


Halloween Bats

Tap to kill the bats.. Avoid all other enemies. Are you up for the challenge? Enjoy the game.


/goto-gd-98d21fd52074434987774635f869e1a6 Action online game


Halloween Shooter

Tap to kill the bats.. Avoid all other enemies. Are you up for the challenge? Enjoy the game.


/goto-gd-febc926c81ab4b219dfe08a816344f36 Action online game


Sky Fighters

Be an ace pilot! Control your plane and fly into the heat of the action. Shoot and avoid the enemies and run as until the finish line. Enjoy awesome dogfighting action in sky battles.


/goto-gd-d4213348eea74770b6ee60995666eebb Action online game


Paint Hit

Paint Hit in html5 version! Enjoy painting and color balls shooting simulation. Splash your drops color on the tower and paint it all the way!


/goto-gd-b2bad28daa0d4876b88642586fd51f90 Action online game


Horizon Online

Avoid obstacles while you maneuver through the unpredictable world of Horizon! Make barrel rolls, collect gems and travel as far as possible. Use the gems to buy new ships in shop and beat the best scores with the highspeed, enjoy in Kiz10.


/goto-gd-837c722cba2748849fcab8aa767dd53a Action online game


Super Monkey Run

Super Monkey Run is amazing adventure game as super mario run! Run and jump, pass all levels and collect coins. Buy new characters, weapons or clothing for the characters; Fight with different enemies and kill them! Mount in foxes, flying bugs and wild pigs and go far with them! How far can you get?


/goto-gd-1da0b3b9dc3f400fb4f5450e8590ad6e Action online game


Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special

*** Get ready for Halloween with Shoot Your Nightmare Halloween Special ***

4 weapons with lot of ammo!
No need to search for weapons, they are at the start of the level.
This Halloween Special is not scary, it is more shooter.
Search for 13 Candy Bowls and watch out for those Slimy Ghosts.
A little gift from Poison Games to You.
Enjoy and Good Luck!


/goto-gd-398cde44f66242af9f800c89be737f39 Action online game


Black Knight

You are a fearless black knight with a wonderful sword and a gorgeous shield. Hundreds of enemies come toward you to kill. With you black knight build, fight like a Spartan. Your sword and shield are your weapons, use them wisely. This black knight warrior’s life is in your hands. To survive, just use your right and left key or touch the sides.


/goto-gd-1498957ba6eb47408e78c8973d32fd4b Action online game


Uphill Racing

Uphill Racing is physics based driving game! Hold your gas and keep your eyes always on the stage. Control your car on unique uphill roads, collect coins and upgrade your vehicle! Go hill climb! Go on the race, enjoy uphill racing


/goto-gd-ab7f72615ff64fca87b963ed6acbcb54 Action online game



Helix is here! Do you like Slides? Than this game is for you! Infinitely slide down helix, tower. Jump over the pits and obstacles, avoid objects shooting at you. FLIP GRAVITY WITH A TAP! Control the ball on an endless journey up the spiralling helix. Once you start rolling, there’s no way to stop!


/goto-gd-7e6d68971f1e401da0f9f44789feca6d Action online game


Money Detector Polish Zloty

Find seven differences in identical pictures of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 polish zlotys. Complete five levels, find all differences on each level and get fifteen stars.


/goto-gd-ec9ae86649c647098df50f74ae32cda6 Action online game


Slime Rush TD

There are great hordes of slime monster marching toward the kingdom. It's a call you to use your best strategy on deploying towers to defend the gateway. Protect the kingdom at all costs!


/goto-gd-903f90691509442587dcf0be3a65f50f Action online game


Tower Defense Kingdom

Do you like the defensive game? Keep the castle and win the battle.Protect the princess and save the castle.


/goto-gd-ab7bfc59b5384e3cb8b52cce910c43da Action online game


Sky Force

Sky Force is one of the best Air Combat shooting games that everyone can enjoy! Modern arcade game with intense action and vibrant graphics. Control your space fighter through tons of enemies air force in the dogfights. Fight the wicked goblin invaders and beat the boss in air combat!


/goto-gd-5d751e2708ed4d00aa4006ed695a4904 Action online game


Kick the Buddy

Voodoo-doll simulator! Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, freeze, exert God's superpower, and let it go! You now have almost endless Arsenal. Use flying knives, submachine guns, rocket launchers, laser guns, flame throwers, and even tanks to destroy it! Release your anger and dispel your anger. Move your hand of God, the puppets will not move and let you play, as you hang!
If you are tired, you can release your hands and let the weapon shoot automatically!


/goto-gd-e3bf6edc0adb4acaadc188cc839c2c56 Action online game


Bandits Multiplayer PVP

Bandits Multiplayer PVP is a horse riding game in which you get to fight other players or kill zombies.
Features: 3 maps; 6 game modes including deathmatch, battle royale, zombie; 3 weapons; 3 horses to ride


/goto-gd-a17e0ceaf95f4313af022a4ca044e0f8 Action online game


Metal Animal

Metal Animals to the rescue! Control a team of cute and furry animals with weapons, and defend the tank from the enemy invasion. Stop the evil animals from destroying your tank!


- Innovative drag and drop mechanic: Drag and place metal animals onto strategic positions on your tank.
- Unlimited waves of enemies
- Different animals to control: foxes, cats, pandas, sheep - they all come with guns


/goto-gd-c3aab37fcdf54cc7b4833f4d82392978 Action online game


Sky Wars

Sky Wars is simulation space shooter game with World War II planes. Be Hero! Fight for earth. Fly your plane through a storm of missiles and bullets into the war zone! Make dream victory by warplane & airfighters pilot yorself.


/goto-gd-fd86439517774592adc77410795393c4 Action online game



Gibbets is a bow shooting rescue game. Your task is shooting arrows and cut the Gibbets rope. Use your mouse to control the bow and direction of the arrow and complete all levels. Enjoy.


/goto-gd-685d1552ebdb4504853e39eeedd9216b Action online game

Fidget Spinner Game .io is inspired by the best - io games. Spin it, grow bigger and conquer the largest territory.


/goto-gd-e9cb751d8e0140699f8a64917e3075a2 Action online game


Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Drive in huge open world with the most real sports cars! Drift the asphalt in the city and make crazy stunts with hypercars and supercars, race and perform illegal stunts, pass all levels and unlock new upgrades and open worlds. Drive fast and drift hard in 5 amazing different drifting cars.


/goto-gd-ca77b65e1b6c4a3cbd4f15110f6aaa9d Action online game


Gathering Platformer

Gathering Platformer is a game in which you control a circular Hero. Move, jump, collect keys, avoid different obstacles and try to reach the goal!


/goto-gd-88df3e59338c4728b10598a9875efbcb Action online game


Subway Surf Halloween

How far can you keep running in adventures of Zombie Town? Run and jump over and over various obstacles through zombie town, bridges and subways while you collect precious gems, special powers and coins. Unlock cool characters!


/goto-gd-f988db8e67b34a30a066b81b52cfb6bb Action online game


Age of Quest

Monsters are walking around all over the your castle, kill the endless skeletons with your sword, magic skills, or even super frame. Save your castle, skeletons will destroy castle. Many heroes have already fallen, but you’ve managed to survive. Kill the most of the skeletons and monsters, collecting more coins or gems and ammunition to buy more powerful magic skills!


/goto-gd-8eae59ceff614668918feefb83bc8c79 Action online game is a special multiplayer game with much more fun and simple gameplay. Each character has its own weapon, whether it is a superhero or an epic god. Be careful of the attack of others, or you will become a soul stone. Collect more soul stones, your weapons will become longer and longer. Have fun and try to get the top of the leaderboard.


/goto-gd-043d6e58d4b04b78ba85cab0f8da74a6 Action online game


Extreme Way

You are a ninja who has to go through a bunch of obstacles! Run, jump and destroy walls on your way! Put your record in this addictive arcade!


/goto-gd-635b695113a14acbbde283711157269b Action online game is a tank battle .io game where two teams of 5 players go head to head in all out warfare. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing teams base by depleting its health with your artillery strikes. The first team to destroy the enemy base wins the match.


/goto-gd-0096623d22314e98ac7af01cbd5dfeca Action online game


Knife Horror 2

Throw knives to destroy the monsters, be careful not to get scared by them if you throw wrong. Play Knife Hit Horror 2 !


/goto-gd-421132b30f7f40bcb5ef5fe72dc4a4fe Action online game


Fantasy Battles

Fantasy Battles is a strategy game in which you simulate epic battles against the undead.
Press WASD or arrow keys to move the camera;
Hold right mouse button to rotate the camera;
Use left mouse button to select a unit and spawn it on the battleground


/goto-gd-c6dd1c86ad0a47d9b8c4923029e97a60 Action online game



Eat every world objects ( humans, cars, buildings, etc...) to get bigger and run from enemy black hole if its bigger than you.


/goto-gd-1ec8e59eaa6d46d182eace69fab2d2b1 Action online game


Fishing King

Lead the arcade fishing! Top fishing game team production, beyond the current arcade game! Dozens of cannon combinations and unique skills give this game endless replayability, as well as tremendous amounts of fun.


/goto-gd-9f07d01c094c4d3392f52fc3e81cb1f0 Action online game


Ninja Run

Run through epic temple with NINJA. Control a Ninja, running through the city streets and you need to keep him safe. Avoid all obstacles and collect gold to unlock new characters. Good luck.


/goto-gd-47d4e78e1960462a84e53ba1aaf85a25 Action online game


Blocky Runner

Blocky Runner is fast paced runner game. Run throught magic block city temple and collect golden bricks and upgrade your minecraft hero.


/goto-gd-944ff80324dc468caf1bff809e1d930e Action online game


Jewel Christmas

An explosive Xmas game with plenty of matching fun! Match any three fun Xmas decorations to make them explode in this fast paced festive game. Can you match more to create a chain reaction? Step up to the challenge!


/goto-gd-6cb8cf6e5cc141fa932888fecbc2a946 Puzzle online game


Galactic Force

Sci-fi shooter with heroes and abilities.
You have 3 classes to choose from, Scout, Tank and Fighter. Each one of them has its own set of benefits and features. Fighters can regenerate their health, Tanks have a dedicated shield and Scouts can easily slide around when needed.


/goto-gd-aa8cc6cd68794b00959bd133920c429a Action online game


Gold Mine

Collect gold, stones, and minerals to reach your daily goal. Try to grab all the gold and treasures as fast as possible. Have fun with Gold Mine.


/goto-gd-d884fa5244134828af0dd9b7d2de6a55 Action online game


Robot Escape

Are you ready to fight the monster?Move with your teammates and win game.


/goto-gd-7a84fcffeff643589892bd05f9da37d5 Action online game


Super Rocket

Are you ready to escape from meteor rocks in space.Collect the numbers and break the blocks. Are you ready for this big space battle?


/goto-gd-59a30b6e512a4b6da714dfa7af0e10d8 Action online game



Hit and color all the sides of every figure!
Rotate a figure with mouse to color all sides.
Beware of coloring one side twice.
Color figures as maximum as possible and upgrade your level stats!
Improve your best precision sights and speed reaction to unlock new figures!
Coloring is very easy but it's very hard to reach high levels!
Prepare for some endless color fun!
Challenge your friends for the highest level!

Game Features:
- Free to play
- One finger control


/goto-gd-5224e0518cf845c48832496fdf5cd737 Arcade online game


Sky Invasion

Have you always wanted to pilot a space ship and eliminate all enemies that come your way? Or maybe you just want to explore the galaxy and eliminate the alien threat? Sky Invasion is here to deliver the excitement and action packed gameplay that you always wanted from such a game.

WASD, arrows or mouse movement to control ship;
Shift or space to boost speed;
Left click to shoot;
Right click to launch a missile;
Tab to pause;


/goto-gd-9ac5c195d88e4b35ae7e650e4038412c Action online game


Stickman Punch

Hordes of stickman, wave by wave trying to wear you down, waiting for your first mistake. You as the chosen stick guy should mindlessly beat them up with your kung fu. Nobody knows why you are the chosen, nor anyone knows why these idiots run towards you, just to get punch in their sensitive parts. Tap on the white circle to kill enemies, earn souls and buy new weapons. Destroy every guy.


/goto-gd-9d377e7196574c8383383667202896c0 Action online game


Kingdom Defense

Awesome strategy action based tower defense game. Build towers along the road and defend your kingdom against the rush of orcs, trolls and evil wizards. Earn coins by killing enemies and upgrade towers and your heroes. Much fun!


/goto-gd-a3682197eae7490aa99c9d735f5793c3 Action online game


Wars of Worlds

Wars of Worlds is an online multiplayer war strategy game. Its premise is split into two completely different worlds, the past world set against the future world. As a player in the game you get to choose to be in one of the worlds and play against others in the opposite world.


/goto-gd-368cf733c9b3445a969167205dcc8e3c Action online game


Fidget Spinner X Racer

X Racer-Fidget Spinner: You already heard about the fidget spinner phenomenon, right? They shook the world since they have been released the market.


/goto-gd-3ef07cf8a99d4790b127262110ec022e Action online game


Warriors League

Unite your band of brave warriors! Travel across dangers to free the kingdom from evil dominion! In Warriors League, you will never fight alone!


/goto-gd-774c04722db94d88bff78ac2c866bfc0 Action online game


Dragon Battles Multiplayer

Dragon Simulator Multiplayer is a 3D simulator game in which you fight in PVP battles against other dragons or finish off AI characters that shoot from the ground.
WASD or arrow keys: move;
Space: fly-Up;
L Shift: sprint;
Q: jump;
C: down;
R: dodge;
Shift + Left mouse click: fire breath;
Left mouse click: fireball;
Right mouse click: melee attack;
T: chat;
M: map;
Esc/tab: pause menu;


/goto-gd-22649e214ffa4c3c9fd7ac717b4e7d76 Action online game


Knife Jump

Knife Jump is a skill game where you goal is climb up your knife to the top.


/goto-gd-af336b83284348cc848dc7f90392f8ae Action online game


Kung Fruit Fighting

Are you a fan of Kung fu and you like chopping things? This game is perfect for you! You are the leader of an ancient clan, the blue vegetables masters of kung fu and you ancient rival, the clan of red fruits has challenged you once again! Chop every one last of them but beware! Do not chop your fellow vegetables or you will lose the war.


/goto-gd-7273ba78fc2c4851b2c571d8dcbde2e4 Action online game


Samurai Fighter

Samurai Fighter is epic combat sequences similar to street fighter! Fight against various other samurai warriors in this shadow fighting of Kung Fu battle. Kill enemies, grab weapons and win samurai shadow fight! Challenge yourself with tough battles and fight against other enemies!


/goto-gd-53534e807159457692a2153c32e16e39 Action online game


Zombies vs Finger

You feel like you could survive a nuclear explosion in a fridge and you think you could push back an invasion of zombies? Then Zombies vs Finger is made for you! The undead are attacking the country and are ready to launch the biggest cannibal barbecue ever seen. Someone has to protect us and you’ve arrived right on time! Prepare your fingers, put your reflexes to the test and smash these infernal creatures to a pulp.


/goto-gd-62296802e63b4dd989a61496bee48687 Action online game


Helicopter Strike

Modern air combat game. Select your helicopter, pickup weapon upgrades and shoot every enemy to meet the goal. Enjoy this cool Helicopter Game!


/goto-gd-2936d28eff87460d9769ab1cd5d6301c Action online game


Zombie Challenge

Make bullet fly to shoot zombies and winn all 100 physics-based levels! Challenge of the zombies is a physics-based shooting game where you fire super-bouncy bullets to eliminate all the zombies in each level.


/goto-gd-842815ddbe624a6cb623c68303cc0a32 Action online game


Zombie Run

Run like the wind, jump like a gazelle and shoot like mad! This is lightning-fast action you won’t soon forget as our hero chases down hordes of monsters across six incredible worlds, portal-hopping and guns blazing!


/goto-gd-19bf975d92ca47f2b3c8eb025257fcfc Action online game


Super World Adventure

Exciting experience of jumping, running and swimming in side-scrolling platformer. Explore 100 levels and 4 worlds.


/goto-gd-86c9e4dc60ca463fb6754d7278ea24d9 Action online game


Zombie Trigger

Zombies are walking around all over the your city, kill endless zombies with your stick, gunshot, or even thunder gun. Save your city, zombies will destroy city. Kill the most of the zombies, collecting more coins or cashes and ammunition to buy more powerful weapons.


/goto-gd-08304e9819414c76ac6894836ef571fc Action online game


Impossible Car Stunts 3D

Are you ready to perform driving stunts and the role of a stuntman? Drive tour by driving top with top speed car on these crazy impossible and tricky tracks and be a real car stunt rider.


/goto-gd-7f91a64bb5fa4a06bb12ca7d5dcd4c6b Action online game


Cyber City

Beat up the other stickmen on top of the roofs as you try to get rich!


/goto-gd-c14d197a64474dc4850cd1b9dc4d412e Action online game


Don't Fall

Don't Fall is the game where you need to slide the yellow cubes with your mouse in order to fill all the holes in the path. The ball must not fall down in any case! Collect as many gems as you can and unlock new cool characters.


/goto-gd-2a5db287542d4292b6d7322c465f65b0 Action online game


Geometry Loop Jump

Jump in the circle and avoid the obstacles. Level by level, more and more enemies will show up and try to stop you from achieveing your objective.


/goto-gd-dbfb7c0f14f8420ab5beabbff8218c2f Action online game


Zombie Massacre

Zombies are invading the wild west! Grab your guns and protect innocent people from those pesky lifeless folk. Upgrade your guns, equip yourself or hire some help. Don`t get killed! Outnumbered, but never outgunned!


/goto-gd-572b636de2e84f0e94f9c3b050f000b7 Action online game


Strike Galaxy Attack

Best fast-paced top-down view space shooter war game. Fight for the freedom of the galaxy!


/goto-gd-3aba8d195d974b658761bd54e9b293f1 Action online game


Flip Hero

Flip Cube – this is a great (flat style) arcade game with very beautiful graphics.


/goto-gd-37b46bd55f7041ae815cd02411cea7ee Action online game


World War Pilot

Fly your plane, collect upgrades and discover new weapons that will help you destroy enemies and win levels.


/goto-gd-d220447d105a446e98db69be8113b94d Action online game


Car Mayhem

In this arcade game you control a van shooting ward with a goal of destroying as many things possible on your way. Use the money earned to upgrade your van stats and purchase special weapons which can help you destroy even more!


/goto-gd-73bc44f230a543df90af34907f5dc3b0 Action online game


Heavy Combat

Take on the role of an elite mercenary tasked to stop the evil terrorists that are running rampant in three different locations.
Features: 3 maps, 10 levels each map, various mission objectives.


/goto-gd-bb5179539bbf47c1b2f1e239635a8c57 Action online game


Space Galaxcolory

Do you like arcade games? This game is for you. Defend yourself from approaching enemy.


/goto-gd-25905a1158364a5fbb81c6efa49187e1 Action online game


Panda Commander Air Combat

Get ready to become a fighter pilot in an air battle! A great game "Panda Commander Air Combat" will give you a chance to become a fighter pilot and fly fantastic jet airplanes. In this action-packed game with air battles, you have to destroy your enemies and protect your territory from invader planes. The task sounds simple enough, isn't it?


/goto-gd-61acdd31a48d480d90c90d200f1e5a44 Shooting online game


Flip The Gun

Flip The Gun is an exciting and cool gun firing game in which needs your skill and reaction. Flip the gun at the right time and collect money to unlock more powerful guns. Don’t let your gun drop!


/goto-gd-1d0765041ec74e6781ab4ec61edd3cdf Arcade online game


Zombies Bears Shooting

Duty is calling you, Soldier! You have to keep your bear castle safe from bears who turned into zombie.


/goto-gd-8a07b5436b4d4ef9ac8046f5be121508 Action online game


Racing Dismount

Control your car to climb hills with simple control to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhill environments.


/goto-gd-b723b0acb98e4728a32d04e3c505ff7a Action online game


Mad Scientist

Run and jump with mad scientist ! Go as far as you can! Collect all 10 types of weapons and various items for secret improvements.


/goto-gd-8f9060eec631432e9ca1ee159d5a8688 Action online game


Pixel Jump

Do you like games easy to understand but difficult to master? This game is for you!
You are a small pixel and you have to survive as long as possible! Jump from floor to floor and avoid the enemies! You can jump as many times as you like, but beware of the enemies, if you touch them, it's over!


/goto-gd-5dda3d9a505b4057af13b5b4ea41b1cd Action online game


Pixel Escape

Pixel Escape is an exciting endless runner game tailored made for mobile devices. Avoid the deadly traps and obstacles, and don’t get caught by the giant fire ball chasing behind!


/goto-gd-ec7c70de745f497aaa8ba54c06a8d55b Action online game





/goto-gd-14451ec0948942fd9879a55a815245e2 Action online game


Shoot The Box

Shoot on the moving blocks, destroy everything! Don't miss a single one! Put your record in this addictive arcade!


/goto-gd-e81d132c4e8045ebb0a4ee97e409dd1f Action online game


Wall Holes

Wall Holes is a unique fun reaction test game. You are a cube now. View the crack in the moving hole quickly and roll over the squares to find the suitable place just fit the hole. The game is endless and the fun is endless.


/goto-gd-0ae785162cba4b14b52d0e4d7a56272b Arcade online game


Crazy Dots

Switch color dot! Put your record in this addictive arcade!


/goto-gd-96d63f6ff74d46d48e2049dfb5603a76 Action online game


Fairy House Cleaning

Step into this magical land and help the fairy clean up her house! New guests have to arrive and they can't see all this mess. There are three different rooms with lots of fun actions and chores. Go into each room and make sure everything is spotless. Cleaning is so much fun and the fairy will not be late to use her magic and change some amazing things here and there!


/goto-gd-f379827dce4e4f7c9169658f5abc819a Girls online game


Tank War Simulator

Control your tank in a war simulator. Get a higher score by destroying enemy tanks.


/goto-gd-375166cda3db434d8f3220ae997e75fb Action online game


Pet Run

Pet run adventure is a great animal racing game with crazy pet run simulator. Run with these cute pets and avoid hitting the moving trucks, buses and subway trains on the way and collect coins.


/goto-gd-d1421f9dd9a244dda2ab6faafe28816c Action online game


Air Warfare

Shoot down enemy battle jets in this cool Air Strike Warfare game. Destroy enemy aircraft, gather supplies in an endless battle mode!


/goto-gd-dcfe001583a040dd8aa0516a7c8214dd Action online game


Beat Racer Online

Drive your way on a neon highway in the style of Tron, avoiding spikes, cops, missiles, and collecting orbs to buy new cars in shop, collect special powers to destroy enemies and survive all the way to neon world Beat all scores with the best music and be the beat survivor


/goto-gd-a64a009d7ef9401bbcd9711157170d4c Action online game


Mission Terror

Objective of the games is to protect the Territory from the attack of Militant Enter into the militant area and destroy them, choose form different types of weapon


/goto-gd-46f03d1344294a5da124c0e55c6fb057 Action online game


Warrior Escape

Warrior Escape is a 2D arcade-jumping game which based on taking highest scores while flying. Our character Barney is a space warrior with his high-tech jetpack and his charismatic glasses.


/goto-gd-6820b8b58456449495f19b77612946c0 Action online game


Craft Sharp Shooter

Do you like war games?With the best weapons and take action.Join this action.


/goto-gd-04122d3a25c546c0b77d372903610199 Action online game


Zombie Smasher

Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back, and it's up to you to keep them brainless. Use your finger to tap on the zombies to smash and eliminate them before they break down your door.


/goto-gd-67459a35b7ea44b2bf2d1fb9fb8adaaa Action online game


Christmas Panda Run

christmas panda run


/goto-gd-9a35329a52164c2d96546b840831792f Action online game


EG Car Evolution

EG Car Evolution, This is game for you to create the merge game.


/goto-gd-3a497c6a4eca4f089db70a267f94886a Action online game


Dragon Fighter

Dragon Fighter is 2D action-fighting game. Beat all of the enemies on your way. Be a legendary warrior in the super Super Dragon world.


/goto-gd-c46d81e9d8fd42a4ad931795b80313cb Action online game


Rebel Forces

Get ready to enter the arena with other players in Rebel Forces and test your shooting skills in a crazy combat.
Features: 6 maps; 3 game modes; room options for double speed, double jump and double hp.


/goto-gd-f6b5a4fa33a142b9b8415ac25a6f3540 Action online game


Stickman Warriors

Fight with stickman enemies in 100+ levels! Stickman Warriors is realistic ragdoll physics game with addictive and hardcore gameplay. Perform amazing stunts with stickman and blows to defeat your opponents.


/goto-gd-38b5d0f8a39b45de8631d1d8ac88bf54 Action online game


Ninja Run

Are you ready for the best ninja game?Join this excitement.


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Nighty Knight

Nighty Knight is a wacky action game, where you play as either the Nighty Knight or Pew Pew Princess fighting wave after wave of V.E.R.M.I.N.!


/goto-gd-1c4f92ead0c34a518b081094a2c4bc48 Action online game


Pixel Reaction

Multicolored pixels are going crazy. Your goal is to create a chain reaction and catch as many pixels as possible. Click at any location to build a large pixel that captures all the others.
Pixel Reaction is a game that tests your logic and capacity for anticipation. Its simple and precise gameplay will appeal to those who have little time to play. Immerse yourself in an original and addictive universe.


/goto-gd-a0616561a1e04fdbb8704dced8ca8b03 Puzzle online game


Christmas Trains

Now enjoy the Christmas with trains of gifts, collect gifts to get bigger and deliver them at marked houses on map to beat other players.


/goto-gd-57764b3be1924b7d821ef61a8fb8793a Action online game



Gunhop is an awesome 3D action-packed platform game. The blocky 3D graphics are retro but fun and the gameplay is challenging. It tests your skill, reflexes, reactions, and timing. During each level, you must try to reach the end point as fast as possible.

There are many challenging levels to complete. Aside from the obstacles, you will also face enemies who shoot lasers and bullets at you!
Can you complete each level in a quick time?


/goto-gd-b15ca2545d64435382773d33498a0c7b Action online game


Ninja Run HTML 5

Hey Ninja,
Lets Run For A Better Future !


/goto-gd-c0cd21701a5a48e9b6c229a28fff0ffc Action online game


Jelly Bomb

Confectionery experiment gone wrong and jelly is invading your kitchen! It has spread all over your kitchen tables and now your job is to get rid of it! The best way is to use the jelly remover, but there are only a few drops left. But luckily, by dripping the jelly with it tactically enough, you may cause a perfect splashing chain reaction! So prepare your brains, 'cause there's some jelly bear busting to be done!


/goto-gd-cd1bbdc3d9224bc79696efa62cdd1b6f Puzzle online game


Chicken Invaders

Chicken Invaders is space shooter war game. Fight for the freedom of the galaxy! Save the earth from alien invaders in shooting games.


/goto-gd-c0dfc3c50d5748d7b83931de5e2fa849 Action online game


Zombie Killer

Zombie Killer is presented as a free action-strategy game. Zombies are everywhere in the city, you have to clean the city as possible as you can with making best strategies. The game is about zombie apocalypse and there are 30 levels which are one more difficult than the other in it.


/goto-gd-72ec6892b2584a27a3d15e30322be673 Arcade online game



Use your finger or mouse to burst the shapes following the directions. Each screen has a different instruction so read carefully before slicing willy-nilly.


/goto-gd-a00e92b6c7f749fe840b34356809fdf2 Action online game


Mob City

The crime rate in Mob City has increased. You have to complete missions to help the city. Drive cars and use powerful weapons.


/goto-gd-0e82379204db4ff9ac55f84b0c540bc2 Action online game


Knife Hit Xmas

The Christmas is here with the new knife hit, Time to sharpen your knife hit skills and up your game! Be careful not to hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master! Do you want to avoid knives like a professional? It is possible in this amazing knife hit game! Collect Diamonds And buy new exciting knifes.


/goto-gd-110b3900746144a293ca7679cbffa1b8 Arcade online game


Crowd City

The Crowd City is an addictive game where you can enter the arena and face the other towns in a fierce battle crowd in town.


/goto-gd-3ba1f5d1f912470e94a34073d9e93f9b Action online game


Stickman Ninja Dash

Be a master of ninjutsu and defeat horde of evil stickmen. Touch the screen and perm some kick-ass moves. Get awesome outfits with unique skills.


/goto-gd-369ce823cb92493b921bb9ea026ca70e Action online game


Pop Stone 2

Pop Stone 2 is a game where you must select a color group of stones on a grid and click to destroy them.
Tap on two or more adjacent stars to destroy them.
The more stones you destroy with a single click, the higher your score will be.

it involves more deep thinking and strategy instead of fast paced action.


/goto-gd-0765128f2b1f43d68263729f43ec72fe Clicker online game


Space Attack

Space Attack - Space Shooter Attack is the best space shooting and survival game with aliens star wars spaceships!


/goto-gd-cf6569400bd54c82bdc3118071810d92 Action online game


EG Ninja Run

EG Ninja Run is endless running. Let play this game you will have an run trips. Break, jump over, slide under and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run.
Sometimes you can surf in the ground, jump and acrobatic and more action.You are the perfect little ninja in the universe!


/goto-gd-03530f4fd71f4e15a1fdfae8141ef9ea Adventure online game


Horse Riding Simulator

Do you want to be a real cowboy and ride a horse in a battle with zombies? Zombies came up from their graves and they are everywhere.


/goto-gd-2eea8dbe4c7240e6bb47b187b343727f Action online game


EG Rpg Fight

EG Rpg Fight This is game “Action RPG”. Everyone can easily understand and can play it .


/goto-gd-60ec9345adf7463392fbe8b8cce3ac6c Action online game


Ninja Wall Runner

Now enjoy the running game in 2d style with ninja runner. Objective is to avoid the obstacles by jumping to opposite sides of wall. Sharp your reflexes and make a record. Good Luck


/goto-gd-4b4cc06e329d4566b2c57dd38ba47a17 Action online game


EG RTS Battle

EG RTS Battle is cool battles and let players deploy, select and move several different units in real time. Automatically spawned AI enemies will battle your troops and try to destroy your castles. Deploy troops like giants, archers and knights to stop and defeat them!


/goto-gd-7e6db75f627c4420bcf3d16a7e9124b9 Action online game


Dragon World

Enter the amazing Dragon World and transform yourself into a mighty dragon. You can fly over the mountains, battle other dragons or make them your allies.


/goto-gd-5cbf62dc7ba54ec2a159e7a61060de73 Action online game


Slenderclown: Be Afraid Of IT!

Slender Clown: Be Afraid of It sees a return of the weird and mystical Slenderman character. In this episode, Slenderman has disguised himself as a creepy clown. He is also accompanied by an army of evil clowns that he has summoned from the depths of darkness.


/goto-gd-5ca67f2e2e404be78485acc2ef394e26 Action online game


Fort Shooter Simulator

Fort Shooter Simulator is a 3D simulation game where you can build forts and train yourself with different weapons.


/goto-gd-4db8f970c2f6482f8dfb5f4b8de39ec7 Action online game


Blocky Gun 3D Warfare Multiplayer

This time, you can join mercenary forces or Germans. I leave this up to you, which side is more appealing for you. Anyway, you get the machete and five types of weapons, so you have many options to end lives of your poor opponents. If you get bored with killing of ordinary soldiers, do not worry, we did not forget, we have bloodthirsty zombie mode for you (the rules are simple: survive and kill everything that moves). Nine new maps are ready, so what are you waiting for? Have fun.


/goto-gd-92ff2382cd5d4b4c84290f12ad6d40cf Action online game


Hopping Boys

Hopping Boys is a superhero adventure of jungle world! Run and jumps across platforms and enemies in themed levels. Have fun with this classic side-scrolling arcade platformer.


/goto-gd-7a0627a1e46649669f1f8fa1982e4dde Action online game


Rogue Tail

Rogue Tail is a turn-based action with elements of rogue like game. Explore deep into randomized dungeons, strategize your turns moving through the dungeons to collect treasures, items, and spells. Slay dweller monsters and level up your hero.


/goto-gd-213fd4e3c75a46a8a36959c38a9e56d3 Action online game


Plane Merge

Merge planes and be a pilot. Buy, merge and manage your planes.


/goto-gd-fefc9f00eb8b43a397b677f59d277269 Action online game


Fire Balls

Fire Balls 3D is a casual balls game in which your goal is to destroy tower from different geometric shapes with fire balls while avoiding obstacles.


/goto-gd-2733d5951e04400a8ed857818635e670 Action online game

Make a snowball bigger and bump it to opponents to flick them off the play field. You can make one giant snowball or a number of small balls and you can bump it directly to the opponent or snipe them with it. It is totally up to you. Click mouse button to make snowballs.


/goto-gd-67e30e3b2d7d4807b8cbefba051ae083 Action online game


Color Blast

Bounce up and fly up through matching colors! In Color Blast, you must have quick reactions to score points. Click to jump, wait until the time is right, and go through. The multi-colored boosters will change your color!


/goto-gd-8e77c094bb464d66b30c5c210c78d2da Action online game


Hunter Training

Hunter Training is a 3D game where you can practice hunting.


/goto-gd-c5662795ce9b4266bcb7237a81d2028a Action online game


EG Neon War

EG Neon War is a simple space shooting game with colorful neon graphic. Classic asteroids shooter in glow neon style. Blast down all the opponents and asteroids before they impact on your neon spaceship - be careful they can appear anywhere.

It his game you need to shoot down all the enemies spacecrafts and dodge meteor storms in order to survive. shoot down as many enemies as you can and get the highest score.


/goto-gd-6f6fd7b59f1545aebd7a92592de24d25 Action online game


Stickman Rise Up

Let Stickman rise up high and escape from dangers and obstacles.Protect stick from swords, saws, razors and shurikens with your shield and hit new records! Clean the way with shield and reach clouds in this escape rise up game. Touch the shield and protect the ballon or the stickman will fall, collect diamonds and make up your stickman friend


/goto-gd-c351b3d250a9410fa21c2033841b3919 Action online game


Subway Runner

Run fast and faster on the railway like nothing gonna stop you. Avoid objects, get power-ups, and collect gold coins!


/goto-gd-110aa3e19951427eab8ec3305389ded7 Action online game


Kitsune Power Destruction

A Kitsune just landed in the forest! This imposing animal is angry and he wants only one thing, to destroy all the pillars of the temples! Help him to destroy them, but beware, the protectors of the temples will try to stop you. They are hidden in the pillars to stop you. Do not underestimate them, they are armed!


/goto-gd-b6c1d02d8cdd4e1c8719a4d297e456aa Action online game


Pixel Warrior

Pixel Warrior is survival shooter game! Protect and defend the army camp against zombies! Huge military arsenal such as AK, minigun, sniper guns, pistols. Have a fun time!


/goto-gd-31aa63d5b8e74fc8af0562fa909ae9df Action online game


Slime Road

Slime Road is a fast action sticky jumping addictive adventure in which you need to survive as long as possible by having quick reflexes! Just as in Tunnel Rush, the pace is high and you need to be quick to react to new obstacles. In the game, you need to bounce the slime ball through rings to collect gems and win.


/goto-gd-614f6fc49dcb4c7b96856f899f94263c Arcade online game


King of Pyramid Thieves

Steal gold gems from Egyptian Pharaoh and be king of thief. Play through over 70 levels to explore mystic pyramid in King of Pyramid Thieves


/goto-gd-82bec597d9464270a0fe3bc4a4536c2c Action online game


Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

Fidget Spinner Sicifi X Racer game which requires so much focus and so many skills to play makes you play it so many times. All you have to do in the game is hit the road when your vehicle is on the starting line, but don't forget, you must not hit the buildings on the road.


/goto-gd-f4a8dc64f88c4ff592f2673a1ab07480 Action online game


BLURGD Acid Sink

Get your swimsuits ready! It's time for a dive!

Wall jump your way out Acid Sink.


/goto-gd-77da3c9a0f84400fa6624c0f307d3bec Action online game


Stickman Dismounting

Legendary stick war game. Crash into walls, perform incredible stunts, break bones, destroy vehicles and destroy the enemy stickman! Enjoy true hardcore with Stickman Dismounting.


/goto-gd-f4e42b1e5eb945d6ab79109be79187ae Action online game


Gladiator Simulator

Play as a gladiator in the arena.
• 2 awesome arena maps;
• 5 weapons at your disposal including a shield;


/goto-gd-f311c6a4660248078f367ad5691dbe54 Action online game


Furious Road Surfer

Fury Road Surfers : Race the Traffic is one of the best racing games. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Race against the AI in an outstanding Racing Face-Off and try to earn the respect of your fellow drivers.

Take your car and race against everyone in different game modes!
Fury Road Surfers has lots of cars to purchase. You can also upgrade your ride with your hard earned money. Get the best car money can buy and beat everyone in this amazing racing game.


/goto-gd-652b04713fc84630aaf02761ef723c2b Action online game


Police Car Town Chase

Police Car Town Chase is a funny game driving .Collect money and not get chase by police. You can buy more powerfull car . Enjoy !


/goto-gd-c46d67b48c79415dad33c02aee86a8f0 Action online game


Tank Driver Simulator

Tank Driver Simulator features:
• 2 maps;
• Multiple vehicles to drive in the city map;
• Realistic tank controller;


/goto-gd-d9a43d69afa44fc38b3e5c8fddd85a16 Action online game


Pixel Survival

Pixel Survival is a shooter game in a pixel theme. Features: • 4 characters to play; • 3 maps; • various weapons to use; • different items for crafting;


/goto-gd-08d36fbf20e04a6ba2d89e50935d99c7 Action online game


Wasteland Shooters

Wasteland Shooters features fast shooters that want to dominate the wastelands.
• 4 Maps
• Up to 16 players per room
• Game modes: Deathmatch/Team deathmatch
• Multiple weapons: Knife, Deagle, MP5, Shotgun, Sniper, RPG, Grenade launcher
• Player can move fast and do higher jumps


/goto-gd-edd9a16b481e4274aac0328601ae24c8 Action online game


EG Monkey Legend

EG Monkey Legend is games run and jump around the levels getting all the coins you can. Buy new characters, weapons or clothing for the characters; Fight with the different enemies and kill them!. Mount in foxes, flying bugs and wild pigs and go far with them!. How far can you get?


/goto-gd-a6b07e5fd40e424fabd52fed22ce95a8 Action online game


Plane In The Hole 3D

Plane in Hole 3D is a flight shooting game, novel operation with interesting game performance. Challenge your reaction speed and control the bullet rhythm while responding quickly. There are different planes in the game that can be purchased and unlocked. The more advanced the number of aircraft bullets, the more pleasant it is to experience shooting. Use WASD - to fly and Space - to shoot.


/goto-gd-bda9317cdaf547fe9a4379924ddfd30a Arcade online game


EG Sky Troops

EG Sky Troops games is to destroy all enemy planes and rescue people as much as possible. After mission completed, the next level will be unlocked. Higher level have a stronger enemy, so, you need to upgrade your plane using game coin that you get after completing a level, a coin you get depending on how much people you save or enemys you destroyed.


/goto-gd-c428747affc04daf880b0b497c407549 Action online game


Chuck Chicken Magic Egg

Chuck Chicken is on a mission. Defeat his nemesis Dee, Don, Dex, Dr Mingo and more in this exciting and fast-paced puzzle platformer game.

Chuck Chicken is a worldwide kids and tweens animation brand with over 2 billion views.

In this game, throw your egg, and watch as it bounces from wall to wall, defeating your opponents.

Collect magic eggs to transform Chuck into his alter ego super hero.


/goto-gd-d837540a20b8451b9004705af189aa06 Action online game


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