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Tap or click on the grey buttons to explore the calendar!


2016 online game



click to touch to change color.Multiplayer for PC:Player 1: mouse or touchPlayer 2: Space to swap color, shift to skill


Breakfall online game



You Chat With Guys By Entering Your Name And Pressing LogIn And Then Typing Whatever You Want And Then Press Send.


Chater online game



Space bar Press and hold to charge the energy and then release it!


Jenkaiu online game


Space Duel

Run the game, there will be tutorial.


Space Duel online game

It’s zap or be zapped in this multiplayer space adventure! Blast off and take on players from all around the planet in this thrilling MMO inspired by You’ll need to be relentless in order to survive this interstellar journey, just like in similar multiplayer online games like and You can play with your friends too or space could become your final frontier!

Category:adventures online game

Collect all the food and don't let the snake touch the walls or its own tail in this fun multiplayer game, Super Snake IO!

Category:mmo online game



Desktop Controls:Red: A Go left, D Go right, W Jump, S Fall trough pink jellyBlue: Left arrow Go left, Right arrow Go right, Up arrow Jump, Down arrow Fall trough pink jellyEscape Go back to the Menu screenMobile Controls:Red: Red ButtonsBlue: Blue ButtonsHome button to go back to the Menu screen


Tag online game


Ty Phu Chess

Touch to play You can change your names on Settings


Ty Phu Chess online game

Fly your little helicopter in this action-packed multiplayer IO game and try to conquer as much territory as possible!

Category:multiplayer,action,skill multiplayer,action,skill online game


Forge of Empires

Prove your skills as a powerful ruler and develop your city through the ages in this online strategy game!

Category:management,multiplayer management,multiplayer online game


Call of War

Prove your leadership skills in this online strategy game and become the one true superpower during the times of World War 2!

Category:multiplayer,time-management-and-strategy multiplayer,time-management-and-strategy online game


ONO Card Game

Play super fun and popular card game ONO online! ONO Card Game is a very addictive and fun card game to play as famous UNO & Friends. Enjoy fun ONO with friends and with family. ONO includes 2 game modes: offline and multiplayer. Uno has simple rule: Match cards by color and number!


/goto-gd-1b914f3e43ca4a77899cf481e88664d9 Multiplayer online game


Uno Online

Hey, are you also a UNO game fan? It is famous for that then when you have only one card left, you must say UNO. And the basic rule of the UNO online game is that the player who can empty his hand firstly will win. At the beginning of the game, each person will assign 7 cards and then race against others in turns. Different color cards have different values. Can you make the best use of them?


/goto-gd-bc4d036143fd4f01992226863f2a445a Multiplayer online game



Checkers or also called draughts is a strategy board game for two players. you can play single mode (Player vs Com) or play multiplayer with your friend.

Each player begins the game with 12 pieces, or checkers, placed in the three rows closest to him or her. The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent's checkers or position your pieces so that your opponent has no available moves. Basic movement is to move a checker one space diagonally forward.


/goto-gd-134db518698b45bc80e27e466b14345b Puzzle online game


Neon Hockey

Neon Hockey is a HTML5 Air Hockey game with glow/neon style. Easy to play, hard to win. You can play single player (Player vs CPU) or multiplayer mode. Choose the game difficulty, the first 8 goal wins.


/goto-gd-5466dd5a9dac48f984394ccf72eb0f92 Sports online game



Try to conquer the board in this fun .io style game.


/goto-gd-40156cca0c094e6fa739cbd9145bf2b6 Multiplayer online game


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