Spider-Man Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

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  Spider-Man Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Even at 136 minutes, “The Amazing Spider-Man” feels like a hatchet job. It’s one of those movies where certain plot threads (e.g. Irrfan Khan’s character) only make sense in view of scenes left on the cutting room floor. It’s a “Batman Begins” wannabe, and the influence isn’t subtle. For starters, it gives undue emphasis to Peter Parker’s backstory as a pseudo-orphan who is, as Sony put it, “shaped by the disappearance” of his parents, not the death of his beloved uncle.

The rest of the movie’s paint-by-numbers plot gets filled in with other weak substitutions: Richard Parker for Thomas Wayne, Oscorp Tower for Wayne Tower, Captain Stacy for Sergeant Gordon, etc. Here again, Welsh and British actors don American accents, and the villain gases the city. The difference is that director Marc Webb, unlike Christopher Nolan, skipped straight from his indie breakout hit (“500 Days of Summer”) to a studio tentpole with no mid-budget feature in-between.

In the annals of Marvel movie villains, the Lizard joins the ranks of the Abomination as, well, an abomination. Lacking a snout and parading around naked most of the time, he’s a sewer-dwelling CG turd that no toilet can contain (that’s not an exaggeration; he literally smashes his way through one in a bathroom stall). If you’ve ever wondered what an off-brand, video-game version of Killer Croc would look like, this Lizard’s your answer.

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