'Star Wars' Games That Are Actually Worse Than You Remembered

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Games go bad for a number of reasons: bad concept, poor graphics, difficult controls, weird plot. Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi was a bomb for all these reasons and many, many more. The first, and unfortunately not the last, Star Wars fighting game, Masters of Teras Kasi was released in the shadow of better, playable fighting games that were popular in the '90s. LucasArts just couldn't build the new Mortal Kombat, but man did they ever try. Or not. It is honestly hard to tell.

Masters of Teras Kasi has the flimsy plot of the Empire seeking revenge against Luke and the gang for making the Death Star into a fireworks display. Led by martial arts expert and entirely unnecessary new character Arden Lynn, the game has players button-mashing as they fight against the Dark Side. Simple in concept, maybe, but not so much in execution. The fighting just doesn't work. Certain characters are considerably overpowered once players fight their own way through ill-conceived controls and a headache-inducing graphical set-up that has the characters fighting both each other and gravity, apparently. Instead of lightning-fast moves, Darth Vader looks like he's shadowboxing Chewbacca underwater. The motions are stiff and taking damage seems randomized, leaving this game with very little to make up for it's problems.

Maybe watching Chewbacca defeat Darth Vader on his own is reward enough in itself.

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