Streamer Drama That Ended Up Being Fake

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"Swatting," or calling a police SWAT team on a streamer, is an unfortunate practice in the Twitch world. In the best-case scenario, it causes extreme stress, and in the worst-case scenario, someone gets hurt. League of Legends streamer Trick2g, also known as Trick, joked about the phenomenon, causing a stir on social media.

At the end of a 24-hour event celebrating his 800,000 followers, Trick2g faked a swatting incident in what he perceived as a joke. In a clip of the event, you can hear someone yell "Police!" and see two presumed officers try to arrest Trick. Trick punches one of the officers, and then they pin him down and escort him out of his room.

According to Kotaku's report on the incident, a post from Trick's manager on a now-deactivated website confirmed that the swatting was fake. Trick2g got banned from Twitch for an indeterminate amount of time because of his actions. When Kotaku asked Trick's manager for comment, she said that people who didn't approve of the joke were being oversensitive and that, "We have lost the right to comedy."

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