Streamers' Last Words Before They Got Banned

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Even when you don't drink enough alcohol to pass out, beer and Twitch do not mix, especially if you are crass when sober.

Sononoldschool is known for three things: playing Runescape, getting drunk, and running his mouth, not necessarily in that order but necessarily together. In 2015, he got into a particularly heated argument with some fellow Runescape players. Everyone was insulting one another, and as time went on, the argument graduated to a yelling match.

Nobody tried to deescalate the situation, and the insults became worse, personal, and then racist — especially those coming from Sononoldschool. Suddenly, someone started slinging the n-word with reckless abandon (which is barely audible above Sononoldschool's ravings), so Sononoldschool decided to shut down the teamspeak.

"You look at where this teamspeak is going. It's all going racist," he said, stating that he was trying to talk, but all he could hear was the n-word being repeated.

Sononoldschool ran into trouble with Twitch's moderators because he uttered the n-word himself while his stream was still live. After that, Twitch banned him, and he remains banned to this day.

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