Streamers With Rare Medical Conditions

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  Streamers With Rare Medical Conditions

Sweet Anita gained a massive following because of her dedication to streaming, but also because of her rare and sometimes surprising medical condition. 

According to a profile from Kotaku, which featured clips of an interview with Sweet Anita herself, the streamer has a rare type of Tourette Syndrome that includes coprolalia — quit literally, “poop talk.” Those who experience coprolalia frequently have outbursts of profanity against their will, and while Tourette’s isn’t unheard of, coprolalia only affects about 10 percent of people with the condition. Anita has other tics as well, like whistling and making popping noises with her mouth, but her sudden streaks of curse words have actually surprised and delighted viewers, helping her grow her following.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Anita also has a distinctive lilting voice with a British accent, or that she streams genuinely fun games and has a good rapport with her audience. Anita told Kotaku that she knows how she appears to viewers, saying, “​​I know it’s silly to say — kitten — stupid things all the time. I know it seems really outlandish and strange … It’s fine to laugh, and I even laugh at myself. It’d be silly to expect everyone else not to.” Anita has also told her followers directly that it’s “absolutely okay” to laugh in response to her tics on stream.

In many ways, Sweet Anita is working to demystify Tourette Syndrome. Because her excessive profanity is part of a medical condition, Twitch hasn’t banned her, and her fans hope that she continues to share her experiences for a long time to come.

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