Streamers You Never Knew Dated Each Other

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Anne Munition, who has managed to keep her real name private throughout her streaming career, is an established star in Twitch's FPS crowd, known for her skills in realistic military shooters such as "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Escape from Tarkov." Laurie "Lyloun" Laugier, also known as TopNotchFromage, is a bit less well-known. However, she is an extremely skilled gamer and tactician in her own right, serving as Team Vitality's "Rainbow Six" gaming coach. 

Anne announced her relationship with Lyloun on Twitter, delighting and surprising many fans. The couple has received a great deal of support online, even receiving a happy message of support from Valkyrae, one of the industry's top streamers.

Dating a gaming coach seems like it would add a whole other level of complexity on the streamer-relationship dynamic, but Anne has expressed nothing but enthusiasm and gratitude for her time with Lyloun. After announcing their relationship, Anne Munition tweeted, "She's taught me so much."

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