Streamers You Never Realized are Actually Ripped

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Another WoW aficionado on the list, Scottish gamer Scott McMillan never seems to slow down. Not only does he stream live gameplay on Twitch and post gaming videos on YouTube, but if you check out his Twitter and Instagram accounts, you'll see him traveling around the world, pumping up at the gym, and even running his own esports company.

Looking at Method Sco for the first time, you'd never guess he was a gamer. He's got a trendy shaved haircut, a trimmed beard, and he's built like a Mac truck. While he appears to have an easygoing friendliness behind a winning smile, he also has a visible intensity both while playing online and working out. Sco's Instagram videos show him killing it at the pull-up bar, and even quarantine hasn't stopped him from getting reps in at home. 

Sco's other passion is Method, an esports organization of which he is the founder and co-CEO. Method was recently the subject of some controversy when they had to let one of their members go for sexual misconduct.

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