Strict Rules Every 'God of War' Game Has to Follow

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Since the very first God of War game was released in 2005, the goal of its creators was always to tell an epic story. While some may think of the games as mere gorefests, it's the fast-paced battle systems, creative puzzles, mosaic environments, and visually stunning cinematic sequences help make the God of War series truly memorable.

Impulse Gamer interviewed Cory Barlog and lead level designer Rob Davis in 2018 to discuss the newest God of War game. When asked about the changes in the game, Barlog replied, "God of War has always had this mixture. This action-adventure element, puzzle solving and combat all in one sort of package, which is very cinematic." 

It was important to Barlog that the games provided a realm of imagination for players to truly immerse themselves in. "For me, the success of the game is when you reach the end, you cannot possibly believe the journey and how far you've travelled." As the God of War series moves forward, it will be compelling to see where Kratos's journey takes us next.

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