Summary with all the games announced in the Guerrilla Collective 2022

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  Summary with all the games announced in the Guerrilla Collective 2022


We tell you all the games that have been protagonists in the Guerrilla Collective event of the Summer Game Fest.

the week of Summer Game Fest is leaving us a large number of ads beyond what was shown in the main event presented by Geoff Keighley. If the big main course arrives on Sunday June 12 with the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, other companies such as Devolver Digital have already passed through the stage, we have been able to learn about the novelties of virtual reality in Upload VR and also a good compilation of titles shown at the IGN Expo. Today, Saturday June 11, it is the turn of the indie market and the first event in question is the Guerrilla Collective.

In this way, the event that is already a fixture in the summer of the video game sector, has shown some of the most incipient and interesting novelties of the indie market that are approaching in the coming months, so if you are interested in knowing first hand all that has been shown, below We review all the games and their respective trailers so you can put them on your wish list.


If you thought that the Summer Game Fest event had enough with the space gamesyou were very wrong. FromSpace has been chosen to start the Guerrilla Collective and on these lines you can take a look at the new gameplay and cooperative action in the title that will arrive this fall.

I Was a Tennager: Exocolonist

The stylish RPG and exploration simulator I Was a Tennager: Exocolonist Nor did he want to miss his appointment with this exciting summer of video game announcements. To show players what awaits them next month of Augustthe trailer introduces some of its playable mechanics.


Yes, the name may not be very flashy, but if you like games like Binding of Isaac, at least in its art style and the many roguelikes on the market, you’re going to love it. ugly. It is a game that mix puzzles and platforms which will be available sometime yet to be determined 2023.


The tactical shooter zero gravity boundary will enter a playable beta phase sometime this summer. To celebrate, the development studio wanted to share a new trailer showing off its fantastic appearance for all those who are eager to get their hands on it.

Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Take a look at the gameplay of Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdomsa isometric hack and slash game with medieval aesthetics. The big announcement that it has presented at the event is that it will be available in early access through Steam and GOG on June 30, 2022so there is little left to enjoy it.

Daymare 1994: Sancastle

If you liked Daymare: 1998, you better take a good look at the trailer for its prequel, Daymare 1994: Sancastlewhich will follow the same gameplay bases of the original title and its inspirations in other games like Resident Evil.


One of the most curious games that have been dropped by the Guerrilla Collective is signalsprincipally for its aesthetic inspired by PS1 horror games, as could be Silent Hill. In this adventure of science fiction horror Great secrets await you to explore while solving puzzles and facing curious enemies.

Gravewood High

did you want a multiplayer mode at Gravewood High? Well, you’re in luck, because the Guerrilla Collective has announced that it will be available from this same summer in the sci-fi survival horror game. Take a look at the trailer to see what this much-requested content looks like.


Terror has been one of the protagonists of this year’s Guerrilla Collective and with Madison It has been possible to see an extensive gameplay of what it proposes. Psychological terror in the purest style, as well as gameplay elements similar to other games of the genre such as Outlast, among others. If you are ready to delve into this proposal, you will have to suffer with Madison on July 8when it will be released.

The Fridge is Red

The Fridge is Red is a collection of first person horror games from tinybuild looks fantastic and lets you check it out for yourself as a free demo has been announced on Steam. Each game features experimental gameplay inspired by horror games from the PS1 era, as well as SCP and Twilight Zone and the trailer will blow your mind. Festividades septiembre-diciembre - Guía de Cádiz


We continue with one of the most outstanding themes of the event and one of the games that has surprised the most. Industry is a first-person survival horror title with a steelpunk setting in an alternate universe that is already available for PC and consoles.

Slope Crashers

We know that you like animals and more if they perform some human actions such as sports. In Slope Crashers it is precisely what you will have, although they are winter sports, as you can see in the presentation trailer. Ski, snowboard and bobsled races while you marvel at these adorable animals.

Cassete Beasts

The advanced pokemon formula. With Cassete Beasts you will live a fantastic adventure with pixel art aesthetic in which monsters with a much more adult appearance than those of Nintendo will face each other in bloody battles and will be able to merge with each other.

Contract Killer

The 2D beat ’em up craziest you can find is titled Contract Killer. An absolute fantasy that will pit you against all kinds of office supplies you can imagine. Through his trailer he has announced that Coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this summer.


solve musical riddles to travel through space! That’s what invites you rhythmsa game with pastel aesthetics in which you will have to observe structures and solve any type of puzzle that they pose to you, although following a specific rhythm, as its name indicates.

BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad

If you’re from the old school, you’ll already know BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad. The game of ultraviolent retro action It will have a physical release in the summer of 2022, as announced by the Guerrilla Collective through its new trailer.

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle

One of the classics among the classics in the world of video games is back thanks to Microids. The Arkanoid brick breaker is upgraded with Arkanow: Eternal Battle, a new version of the classic formula. Play solo or Eternal Battle, a new 25-player battle royale mode in true style battle royale. Arkanow comes to PC and consoles in October 2022.

Nine Years of Shadows

Break a 9 year curse on Nine Years of Shadows, a side-scrolling metroidvania with game-changing interchangeable armor sets, giant bosses, and even a familiar of Teddie Bear, as its official description says. It will arrive on Steam in fourth quarter of 2022.

Alterium Shift

Choose from three different playable characters in this retro-inspired pixel-art RPG Alterium Shift. Your choice of character determines your story, and you’ll even overlap with other playable characters! It will arrive soon for PC and consoles, although to liven up the wait it will have a PC demo to be released in Q3 2022.


One of the premieres that the Guerrilla Collective has saved is Greedventory, which you can take a first look at in the trailer above. Is about a mature pixel art style point and click RPG which will arrive soon on PC, although a specific date is not yet known.

Symphony of War

In this Fire Emblem-like tactics game called Symphony of War, you play as a recent graduate who must lead an army against a dangerous enemy in a war-torn land. If you liked his trailer, you should know that is now available for PC.

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