Superhero Video Games You Need to Play Before You Die

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Every Spider-Man game could easily make it on this list just because it's hard to beat swinging around with (in many cases) an unlimited supply of webbing at your disposal. But no game starring Spidey took full advantage of this capability until 2002's Spider-Man, which, according to Cinemassacre on YouTube, unleashed its titular hero into an open world for the first time.

Why isn't Spider-Man on this list, you ask? It's because its 2004 sequel, Spider-Man 2, greatly improved upon the original open-world concept by changing how Spidey swung around. This might seem like a relatively minor update, but it profoundly transformed the game.

In Spider-Man, it felt as though Spider-Man was traversing monkey bars rather than swinging from webbing to webbing. Meanwhile, Spider-Man 2 allowed players to fling Spidey forward and upward using the momentum of his web slinging, which was not only enjoyable to watch, but greatly sped up gameplay, too. Many have complimented the swinging mechanic found in 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man. If you want to see where that idea was born, check out Spider-Man 2.

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