Superman Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

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  Superman Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

The tag line for “Superman: The Movie” was “You’ll believe a man can fly.” The entire film hinged on getting that right; if you can get the audience to invest in an outlandish premise like an alien superhero, you’ve won the battle. They needn’t have worried; director Richard Donner bottled lightning. The combination of believable effects, a lead actor who was convincing both as Superman and Clark Kent, and a rousing score by John Williams made for both an incredible movie and a resounding success.

What may seem familiar now was new then. “Superman: The Movie” begins on Krypton with Jor-El and travels to Earth, where Ma and Pa Kent raise young Clark. Departing the small-town life of Smallville to the tempting big city lights of Metropolis, Clark gets a job as a reporter at The Daily Planet. Little do his fellow employees realize that the awkward Mr. Kent is Superman. Aceite Monte Olivos Pet 5 Litros Monte Olivos

“Superman” does an excellent job introducing all of the character’s core elements, yet never feels crowded. We’re introduced to Superman’s true love, Lois Lane, as well as kryptonite, the radioactive material that’s the character’s Achilles heel. Of course, every good hero deserves a good villain. Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor is an overly ambitious crook who makes for a perfect foil, a character as mean and evil as Superman is good.

But really, it all comes down to the lead role. Reeve is a revelation, inhabiting the character with every fiber of his being. All that keeps “Superman: The Movie” from taking the top spot is an unconvincing ending; the “Superman turns back time” cop-out seems excessive, even for a character who can fly, bench press six sextillion metric tons, and shoot lasers from his eyes. Donner certainly did make us believe he could fly though — Reeve positively soars in the role.

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