Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Veigar’s Yordles

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  Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Veigar’s Yordles

The Teamfight Tactics 12.5 composition: Veigar’s Yordles has been one of the most powerful in the metagame in Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5: Gizmos & Gadgets (Neon Nights), and perhaps this is all due to the Lord Yordle, veigarwho, being on the board, ends up becoming the most powerful token within the game, due to its great ability to attack not on a single target, but on all who are in the battlefield.

However, if it’s so powerful, why haven’t we seen this build more in our games? The answer to this question is that it is difficult to play this compositionsince to invoke Veigar, Poppy, Ziggs, Lulu, Tristana, Gnar and Vex must be three star unitssomething impossible to achieve many times.

This is the composition Veigar's Yordles of TFT version 12.5

This is the composition Veigar’s Yordles of TFT version 12.5

Now, if you want to learn how to get everything you need to play the Teamfight Tactics 12.5 composition: Veigar’s Yordlesdo not take off your screen.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5: Better Compositions

How to play Veigar’s Yordles in Teamfight Tactics 12.5?

One thing to say again is that Veigar’s Yordles is the most powerful composition in Teamfight Tacticsalthough it is also most volatile of allis an all or nothing composition due to its random nature, and to have a better chance of winning the game, you will have to meet some requirements before facing any of your rivals.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Veigar's Yordles

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Veigar’s Yordles

  • have at least 3 yordles so you can start gathering them from the beginning of the game thanks to their passive.

  • own a Hextech Augment that benefits your Yordle champions or your game economy.

  • To know when and how to reroll to do a good search for units.

  • Be willing or probably lose the game. Although getting to veigar, many times ensures the game, the truth is, it is very difficult for you to get to do it without having lost confrontations during it, so perhaps, before you get it, you will already be eliminated. Keep this in mind if you really want to play this composition.

Now about how to play the Teamfight Tactics 12.5 composition: Veigar’s Yordlesthe main thing, from the beginning of the game, will be to be able spawn yordlesfor this, is that if you play these you will need 3 champions of this class before facing anyone. Todo sobre productos Xiaomi, moviles, gadgets y toda su amplia gama de productos Todo sobre productos Xiaomi

In addition, to be more powerful, in the game you will have to choose Hextech Augments that benefit you in terms of your purchasing power of units or the champions themselves that are part of this composition.

The most volatile composition of TFT and the most difficult to play

The most volatile composition of TFT and the most difficult to play

And despite all this we will need something more to reach complete the composition and summon the Yordle Lord: Veigar, who will be the one to lead us to victory. You may be wondering what it will take, the answer is: know how to flex the composition.


To be successful with Veigar’s Yordles just invoke veigarbut to reach that moment, we will need all the Yordles to become 3 star units.

And although this may take too long, it is necessary that while we look for Yordle units, we start to flex our composition a bit and add champions, which will allow us to stay decently in the game.

Only then will it be possible survive in the game and when we have composition finally completewe can win the game in surprise mode, since with this strategy you knew that you were aiming only for victory.

Maybe Veigar’s Yordles be one difficult composition to play and have many problems because of the luck that we could have to get the Yordles, but still, it is one of the funniest compositions in the whole game and one that you won’t regret ever trying.

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