Terrible Boss Fights That Nearly Tanked Amazing Games

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Fighting game bosses are just the worst, as they use cheap tactics, ridiculous AI scripts and overpowered abilities to trump everything you've learned in mastering your chosen character. Often, you have to resort to spamming one technique or learning how to exploit predictive AI to stand a chance. Few fighting game bosses are as frustrating as Seth in Street Fighter 4.

Many fighting games use "predictive AI" to read the player's input and react according to what move is probably coming. If you input a quarter circle forward, the game knows you're probably going to hit the punch button to throw out Ryu's Hadouken. Seth takes this to an absurd degree, making conventional tactics against him fail miserably. Instead, you have to basically learn how to trick the AI, even on the easiest difficulty, to stand a chance.

Oh, then he "powers up" for the second round. Good luck!

Most people play fighting games for the competitive multiplayer components, meaning the final boss, isn't too important. In Street Fighter 4, however, you had to play through single player to unlock all the characters. That means you get to fight Seth multiple times. Hooray!

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