Thanks to Sifu and a series of mods you can relive Neo’s fights against Agent Smith from The Matrix

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  Thanks to Sifu and a series of mods you can relive Neo’s fights against Agent Smith from The Matrix

While Sifu players continue to struggle to pass it on, there are those who have dedicated their time to creating a few of the most essential mods we’ve seen for the Sloclap fighting game, because thanks to them you’ll be able to make the game look like a matrix movie.

His actor, halfmillzhas been in charge of designing a series of mods that modify various aspects of the game with which you can perfectly reach relive Neo’s iconic fight against hundreds of Agent Smiths what we have seen in The Matrix Reloaded. And the best of all is that you can download them for free, but before that you can take a look at the following video to check the result.

The result is awesome thanks to the four mods that have been designed. One of them modifies the appearance of our protagonist by that of Neo with his black suit with trench coat, another modifies the appearance of all the enemies by that of Agent Smith, the next one gives a green color to the atmosphere and the last one adds the characteristic sounds of the franchise to the blows, use of weapons, etc. Blog sobre viajes y turismo, nacional e internacional, caro y barato Viajes y turismo

we leave you with the respective links to each of them in NexusMods in case you want to install them or just one in particular:

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If all this leaves you wanting more, you’ll be glad to know that there are just as many mods that are also capable of change the appearance of our character by that of others What Travis Touchdown, scorpion, Daredevil or even by shaggy from Scooby-Doo, so it certainly won’t be for options.

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