The 25 games included in TheA500 Mini, the Amiga 500 dwarf, ordered from worst to best

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  The 25 games included in TheA500 Mini, the Amiga 500 dwarf, ordered from worst to best

I have never hidden it: the system that I love the most is the friend 500. But not because it was one of the first that I was able to enjoy in my childhood (also), but because it had a huge number of games, many of them pioneers in their respective genres. Another World and The Settlers arose from that eighties Commodore machine, for example. And also the mythical worms from Team 17.

And today being the launch of its tiny version, the TheA500 Mini, we think it’s a good idea to review the 25 games that it includes inside to order them from worst to best. In case you have never been able to try them and want to go to a fixed gear for those that will conquer you more easily than the rest, basically. Guru meditating…

The day in which football and war crossed their shots. This was the curious mix between Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer for Amiga

25. The Sentinel

The Sentinel

That a video game had very good press in its day does not mean that it has stood the test of time well, as it happens with The Sentinel. And the fact is that despite the originality of this puzzle game developed by Geoff Crammond initially for BBC Micro, today it is extremely minimalist at a graphic level and with a somewhat rough control to handle the protagonist Synthoid.

24. F-16 Fighter Pilot

F-16 Fighter Pilot

A bit of the same thing happens to this Digital Integration classic, as aviation simulators have not aged well. F-16 Fighter Pilot It is not that it was the best in its day, but it did stand out for a dynamic campaign that can be modified for better or worse depending on our actions or those of the enemy. At least in the planning of the missions it is shown with better graphics.

23. Dragon’s Breath

Dragon's Breath

Also know as dragon lord in United States, Dragon’s Breath It was a strategy game that was too slow, but original with its proposal: you had to raise dragons and improve them through alchemy so that they later had enough power to destroy other towns. And there were two rivals with that goal.

22. The Lost Patrol

Lost Patrol

We had another different proposal for the time in this Lost Patrol edited by Ocean Software, by mixing role and strategy wrapped in a narrative charge through static images related to war. It’s funny, because it even had shooting parts along the lines of Operation Wolf. An explosive cocktail that today is neither surprising nor very dynamic, in any case.

21. Zool: Ninja Of The “Nth” Dimension


One of the most blatant copies of Sonic the Hedgehog in the 90s. zool It was a want and I can’t, no matter how much some specialized English-language Amiga magazines tried to sell it as its great rival. His scrolling was rougher and the gameplay was less fun, though at least his world was colorful because of those references to trinkets and pop culture. It was not in vain that it had advertisements for Chupa Chups. Despite everything, it was converted to many systems, with a remaster in 2021 for Steam. And it had a sequel in 1993.

20. Paradroid 90


Updating the classic paradroid from 1985 created by Andrew Braybrook is another rarity in the catalog of TheA500 Mini, by mixing two diametrically opposed concepts such as shoot ’em up with puzzles. The first is done from a bird’s-eye view, while the second acts as a minigame with electronic diagrams and logic gates. It’s still original, of course.

19. Titus The Fox: To Marrakesh And Back

Titus the Fox

Titus the Fox It was another platformer in the shadow of Mario and Sonic. The 90s were a plague in this regard, seeing how most failed miserably. At least, yes, the French study Titus served to create its official mascot. A more classic development platforms, to hang out.

18.Kick Off 2

kick off 2

At that time or eras of Dino Dini (kick-off) or Jon Hare (Sensible Soccer). And in this collection of classics that emerged on the Amiga 500, only the first has been chosen, with its sequel from 1990. Unfortunately, it is not one of those that have stood the test of time well, and is also inferior to the Sensitive Soccer.

17.Arcade Pool

Arcade Pool

A game of billiards in this position? Yes. Surprisingly, despite its simple graphic section (which also works in its favor, as there are no distractions), Arcade Pool It offered a fairly reliable physics system, something that my father loved and we were able to play quite a few of those games. And he created Team 17, eye.

16. Battle Chess

battle chess

From billiards we move on to chess with one of the most mythical games of this sport. battle chess it was not a simple game of chess, but pure fantasy thanks to this medieval board and endless animations for each combat between the “checkers”.

15. Pinball Dreams

Pinball Dreams

What if we tell you that Pinball Dreams Was it developed by the same studio as the Battlefield FPS? Many years ago we remembered this fact with a retrospective on Digital Illusions, which was the name of those DICE. And yes, this pinball game is still widely remembered for being one of the best on the Amiga 500, despite the fact that it currently seems too simple compared to Demon’s Tilt.

14.California Games

California Games

There’s no denying that California Games was refreshing when it debuted in 1987 by moving away from traditional sports. Skateboarding, surfing, BMX, roller blades, frisbee and footbag were unique when it came to executing them and not all of them shone in the same way. And it is worth that the rough control did not help on many occasions, but it is still cool.

13. ATR: All Terrain Racing


Team 17 edited in 1995 this ATR: All Terrain Racing by Jamie Woodhouse and Danny Burke. A racing game with a view from above and some very careful graphics where there was no shortage of advertising banners from other works by the English studio, such as Body Blows. On the tracks there were power-ups and cheats, of course.



Interestingly, also from Jamie Woodhouse we have this qwak which evoked in a more than evident way the mythical saga of Bubble Bobble by Taito, although his proposal was far away in terms of level design and objectives with objects. 10 causas de muerte súbita de un conejo: la lista de las razones principales

11.Stunt Car Racer

Stunt Car Racer

A very surprising game in its day was the Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond, both for those graphics emulating 3D dimensions and for the danger of each circuit, being located several meters above the ground, so if we fell we had to be picked up by a crane. In addition, that cabin of the car was very showy.

10. Alien Breed 3D

Alien Breed 3D

In case of Alien Breed 3D It’s tricky, since it’s not from the Amiga 500, but rather from the Amiga 1200 and the Amiga CD-32 console. It was a leap similar to what happened with Duke Nukem at the time, going from 2D to 3D, having in the case of another Team 17 work a cheeky clone of the first DOOM from id Software. But except for that lack of originality and those old graphics, it wasn’t bad.

09. Corpse


One of the few surprises that gives us TheA500 Mini, by including this little jewel of the Bitmap Brothers in its beginnings. It was one of the last games to make use of a style similar to the Filmation engine of Ultimate Play the Game, today’s RARE, used in Knight Lore, Alien 8 and so many others from the 80s.

08.Super Cars II

Super Cars II

Magnetic Fields, the same study of the trilogy Lotus Esprit Turbo Challengewith Gremlin Interactive as editor, one of the best combat cars of the early nineties was released with Super Cars II. With an overhead view and an apparently serious style, we could destroy cars with missiles or mines, getting to bite a lot of those if we played split screen with another person.

07. Alien Breed: Special Edition ’92

Alien Breed

What would Gauntlet be like with aliens? Basically like Alien Breed. The big difference, yes, is that this work by Team 17 (one of the first of the English studio) was a solo experience. And its atmosphere placed us before a scenario very similar to that of Ridley Scott’s Eighth Passenger, although without so much tension because here the aliens were quite slow. Goodness. Or not. It enjoyed a top-down trilogy, which featured a reboot on PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam.

06. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

speed ball 2

The Bitmap Brothers took two years to polish the premise of the original Speedball ahead of its 1990 sequel. Because it was clear that this futuristic sport with touches of cyberpunk, ice hockey and handball with violence in between needed something bigger. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe remains among the favorite sports games of any Amiguero. No wonder he converted so much…

05. Project-X: Special Edition 93

X Proyect

One year after Alien BreedTeam 17 bet fully on the martian killers, ultimately creating one of the best shoot ’em ups on the Amiga 500. X Proyect drank a lot of Konami classics, like degree, in terms of powering our ship in seven different ways. Already in 1993 an improved version was released with the difficulty adjusted for the Amiga CD-32 console, which is the one included in this TheA500 Mini. The curious? On PlayStation came its sequel X2.

04.The Chaos Engine

The Chaos Engine

The Chaos Engine perfectly reflected the style of the English The Bitmap Brothers with lively music and a very recognizable design for characters and settings. The result, moreover, was a ball with an enjoyable and demanding arcade spirit that was much more enjoyable in the company of another person. As a curious fact, its 1996 sequel left the cooperative through duels to the death.

03.Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer

The only graphic adventure in this collection takes us to Simon the Sorcerer, the most recognizable work of the Adventure Soft studio. At the time, the alternative to disc world, from which he never denied his inspiration, among other fantasy productions. Its graphics and its great sense of humor continue to be the most remembered of this adventure that received the edition for its 25th anniversary almost five years ago, polishing multiple aspects and that is 7.39 euros on Steam.

02.Another World

Another World

The most recognizable and award-winning work of designer Éric Chahi. It is not surprising that the prestigious MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, included this Another World among his first selection of video games, since it marked a before and after in the industry as it was an adventure that mixed puzzles with platforms with a narrative load that left us speechless… due to the absence of them. It almost seemed like a movie. Without this classic there would be no INSIDE, wow…

01. Worms: The Director’s Cut


How can something so simple be so much fun and have stood the test of time so well? Yes, any of the Worms Armageddon is superior to the classic that started it all, but its core is still intact and you know that it will guarantee you some anthological clashes with colleagues. Worms: The Director’s Cut It is always a safe bet and the maximum exponent of Artillery-type games.

People asking for a Mega Drive Mini, and what I really want is an Amiga 500 Mini for these reasons

If you don’t like the games, more can be included

The Settlers

That the selection criteria for these games that come standard with TheA500 Mini it is debatable it is more than evident knowing the immense catalog that this Commodore machine had and of which a server recommended 64 jewels on Amiga 500 in Xataka. But don’t worry, unlike the rest of the “Minis”, this one is expanded with more games via USB to load them with WHDLoad support.

Because it hurts not to see classics of the stature of The SettlersIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Defender of the CrownCannon Fodder, Lemmings 2: The TribesFlashbacks, Eye of the BeholderThe Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel, the trilogy of Shadow of the Beast or Turrican, Pipe ManiaNorth & South, theme-park and an endless number of mythical games for the Amiga 500, apart from those mentioned…

The A500 Mini - Hardware

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