The Best and Worst PewDiePie Plays Ever Made

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South Park is primarily known for two things: making fun of everything and everyone, and poorly imitating celebrity voices. The show is full of examples where cast members give intentionally Razzy-worthy voice impersonations, which makes PewDiePie's cameo all the more notable.

South Park has tackled numerous subjects, such as the spread of Let's Play channels and their lucrative appeal. In fact, two episodes were devoted to that subject: #Rehash and #HappyHolograms. #Rehash starts with Ike Broflovski watching a (very fake) clip of Pewds playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and spirals into Eric Cartman forming his own Let's Play channel. Of course, Cartman's content mutates into reaction videos where he mocks his "friends" (because that's what Cartman always does).

However, Cartman's channel and dreams come crashing down in the next episode, #HappyHolograms, when PewDiePie magically hijacks Cartman's holiday special video. And, the episode ends in typical South Park fashion with Pewds thanking South Park for guest-starring in his video, not the other way around.

PewDiePie later posted a video where he praised the makers of South Park for the opportunity to be one of the show's few true guest stars. After all, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker ask you to appear on South Park, the only correct response is "yes."

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